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I feel like anything less than a gun is not good enough for women to defend themselves. Rape is a particularly violent kind of offense. Macing a thief will probably send him running because it’s not worth the trouble - he’s after goods, not you. Path of least resistance. Rape is all about resistance, and power, and submission. The rapist is expecting you to put up a fight, and for him to win. Non lethal measures are going to disable the rapist only momentarily, if they work successfully, and if they don’t, they could send the rapist into a blind rage and probably get the girl killed.

When they came up with that barbed vaginal insert that women could use as an anti-rape device, I thought it was a great way to enrage the rapist. The only pro is that after he’s killed the woman, he has to turn himself in to get it surgically removed.


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First defense is not getting in that situation in the first place. But then you have to use your judgement as to whether you'd just enrage your attacker, or whether you could plausibly pull off a defense. If you think you're going to end up dead, it's probably worth trying to do some damage.

This is a whole topic that can't really be covered in a comment.