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don't you think almost every person attempts to gouge eyes while they're being strangled to death?

No, I think (with no research) that people are often too squeamish even then. But I do agree with the rest of your points. However, lacking everything you bring up, as most people do, fingers rammed into the eyes with the intention of removing or destroying them is worth a shot. (if you get the opportunity)

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It is absolutely worth a shot if no other options are available; but if eye-gouging is your only option, you're probably fucked already. The more tools you have available, whether it's a physical object like a weapon, or an intangible like martial arts skills, the more likely you are to come out of an attack alive and victorious.

Here's a video illustrating how difficult it can be to gouge eyeballs, even when the attacker is literally right on top of you:

Yeah, a lot of those positions in the video will likely only happen when there is a trained martial artist involved, but it's pretty illustrative of how difficult it can be to even come close to reaching the face of an attacker who is controlling you, even with unskilled grappling. Beyond what was shown, try this- squeeze your left eye shut as hard as you can. Poke at it. Feel how hard that is? Now imagine trying to hit the small target of an eyeball, with a finger, of a man who is thrashing his head from side to side, turning it, lifting and lowering it, all while squeezing the eye tightly.

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Yes, if you're being raped by a wrestler, it would be hard. While you may in fact be fucked, not all attackers are necessarily skilled in fighting or suppression moves. It's worth a shot if you have no other options.