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I would like to add situational awareness to the list. People don't tend to pay attention to their surroundings in public, and it's really hard to stop a threat or escape from it if you don't know it's there.


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Good point- I'd amend my previous statement by adding that situational awareness is the #1 most effective self-defense.

These days, people spend the vast majority of their time in public with their eyes DOWN, glued to their stupid fucking phones. You know how easy a target that makes for some thug looking for a victim to mug? Someone could be on top of you with a blade to your neck before you even realize there is a threat.

One thing violent criminals are on the lookout for when choosing a victim is "Does this person seem like they could be a problem for me to rob?" A 170 lbs. 5'10 man walking down a street with his neck bent down staring at his phone might look like an easy mark; that same man looking around, observing every person nearby, alert and focused might look like a much more difficult target, and thus be passed on by the would-be mugger.

Our ancient ancestors would be spinning in their graves to know how unaware of our surroundings we are in general.