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Niggers are niggers to each other.

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kikes spent billions of dollars and decades of mass media programming just to make niggers seem human, and nigs themselves are undoing it all with just a few years of instagram and wurl star.

can only conceal reality for so long.

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We should use WurlStar as our new AltRight platform.

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Fucking kikes.

For example, here's a creature with a modified body design that is capable of growing a 10 pound human inside it. Attached to its chest are two milk jugs capable of feeding the human that grew inside of them. It's modified body design is designed to stimulate other humans to plant seeds inside its body in order to generate another human life. It's brain is altered by a chemical the body produces called estrogen that allows it to stay docile and relatively harmless in order for it to properly care for the creature it's body is able to grow inside them.

Jews, "don't stay home and have and raise babies goyim women, spend your fruitful years in college and then at a job and anyone who disagrees with this is a person who hates women!"

Every. Fucking. Time.

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This. To me it's fascinating. All a human has to do is walk in a downtown in a large city.

Or go to a convenience store in a vibrant neighborhood. Dont listen to the TV or movies.... Just look around.

Blacks are not like other people.

The internet is the greatest gift to redpilling and making racists and at the same time showing what niggers are. Subhuman. They prove it everyday.

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This is what truly needs to be said.

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Niggers gonna nig.

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There's really nothing to say except this.

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I’m not sure it’s technically rape if it’s two niggers. This is their normal savage behavior, and as subhumans I don’t think human rights apply to them. And between a black and a human, it’s bestiality which is not rape although it is even more disgusting than rape in a way.

Don’t feel bad for these savages, they do NOT feel bad for you.

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is it rape when a male dog mounts a female dog?

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Not so fast. We have no idea if the girl getting raped is black.

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Listen closely, its a nigger.

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If she wasn't it would mean she's a coalburner, what with having nigger friends and all, so she would have deserved the rape anyway.

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Shit like this makes me think they wouldn't even notice if we started ethnically cleansing them

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CNN would instruct them to care.

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Nigs dont watch cnn.

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If CNN thinks it's gang violence they would ignore it. If attackers mimic gang attacks (drive-by, drug deal gone wrong, etc.) with better accuracy the media would actively ignore it. Or at least let it be forgotten.

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You imply CNN would actually have a clean agenda. They only know how to lie

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Not if we wear black face and hoodies. They will say nothing but " snitches get stitches"

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One or two at a time in highcrime areas. Slowly. No one would notice.

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Since they are doing a white genocide its only self defence if we kill them back.

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That's how niggers are. They dont give a fuck. They aren't the same as white people. They are much closer to animals.

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Not trying to argue with you, I believe animals treat other animals better. I realize there's a few special cases but overall.

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True story. Most animals are no where near as bad as niggers.

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I saw a show where elephants had to travel through some water to get somewhere. A mother lost her offspring (not sure what they're called), and she let the rest of the group go on while she spent days looking. Compare that to sheboons who kill their own children in various ways such as leaving them in a car with the windows up while it's over 90 degrees outside.

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Degenerated Africans, that's what niggers are.

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Just one thing to add. If you're getting raped or whatever, inserting your fingers deeply into their eye sockets and seeing what you can find can be very distracting. What I'm saying is, rip their eyeballs out of their head and blind them.

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That sounds like a great idea on paper. But how many serial killers/serial rapists are missing eyeballs? How often do murder/rape victims manage to gouge the eyeball out of their attacker? Maybe a couple times this was successful, but don't you think almost every person attempts to gouge eyes while they're being strangled to death?

My point is eye gouging isn't nearly as effective as you make it seem. Same with kicking a man in the nuts- it CAN be devastating, it's worth trying if you have no other options, but it is a VERY UNRELIABLE technique. It's very hard to poke someone in the eyeball if they really don't want you to poke them in the eyeball. It also becomes more and more difficult to use such a technique after you've been headbutted/punched in the jaw a few times.

I just want everyone to be aware that there is no one "magical technique" that will instantly stop a resisting attacker. The only truly reliable defense against someone who is bigger and stronger than you (or has the advantage of surprise- usually criminals have this advantage) is a weapon, usually a gun. Secondarily, MARTIAL ARTS training (specifically GRAPPLING) is the second most reliable set of skills a person can have. All women should learn some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it's essentially made for smaller, weaker individuals to control larger, stronger attackers while being energy efficient.

Stay safe out there. Don't get too secure in the notion that "If I'm ever attacked, all I've gotta do is gouge eyeballs/squeeze nuts". Being too reliant on any one skillset/tool is a recipe for disaster.

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I would like to add situational awareness to the list. People don't tend to pay attention to their surroundings in public, and it's really hard to stop a threat or escape from it if you don't know it's there.

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All women should learn some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it's essentially made for smaller, weaker individuals to control larger, stronger attackers while being energy efficient.

The guard position is also the missionary rape position(SFW), so if women knew basic ju jitsu they'd have the advantage.

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don't you think almost every person attempts to gouge eyes while they're being strangled to death?

No, I think (with no research) that people are often too squeamish even then. But I do agree with the rest of your points. However, lacking everything you bring up, as most people do, fingers rammed into the eyes with the intention of removing or destroying them is worth a shot. (if you get the opportunity)

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The only problem is that learning BJJ turns women into whores...or crazy whores are drawn to BJJ, not sure which.

Best bet is to carry a gun or stay inside.

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Yeah that's the way to go. You can permanently disfigure someone's eyes with only moderate strength. Good to be aware of.

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Hard to soft.

Easy to do.

Hit with something hard, like a fist, knuckle, or weapon, etc....to something soft....like a throat, or eyes. Get in there and scoop it out...good times.

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I feel like anything less than a gun is not good enough for women to defend themselves. Rape is a particularly violent kind of offense. Macing a thief will probably send him running because it’s not worth the trouble - he’s after goods, not you. Path of least resistance. Rape is all about resistance, and power, and submission. The rapist is expecting you to put up a fight, and for him to win. Non lethal measures are going to disable the rapist only momentarily, if they work successfully, and if they don’t, they could send the rapist into a blind rage and probably get the girl killed.

When they came up with that barbed vaginal insert that women could use as an anti-rape device, I thought it was a great way to enrage the rapist. The only pro is that after he’s killed the woman, he has to turn himself in to get it surgically removed.

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First defense is not getting in that situation in the first place. But then you have to use your judgement as to whether you'd just enrage your attacker, or whether you could plausibly pull off a defense. If you think you're going to end up dead, it's probably worth trying to do some damage.

This is a whole topic that can't really be covered in a comment.

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Put something in their eye? But what if they see it coming?

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Wait until they look away? Probably not the thing for a clumsy person, or all situations, but if you've got nothing else, it's worth a shot. There's all kinds of training for dealing with attackers, but the average person has none of that. And ideally, one would fail The Interview (five stages of violent crime) stage in the first place.

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The time will come when a white man will grab the gun and order blacks to get on the bus. Not the front, not the back of it, just to get on the fucking bus for the last ride of their worthless ape lives.

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And in the end the left rendered racism as the only practical policy

Law of unintended consequences I guess

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If all the niggers are eradicated, will it still be possible to be racist to them?

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I once heard Tommy Sotomayor say that the only reason white people haven't slaughtered the niggers yet is because other white people are preventing that from happening.

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Some other black guy popped up on my Youtube, Jesse Lee Peterson, reminds me of Tommy. He calls "most blacks mentally retarded" and "we need white power." LOL.



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Absolute truth right there.

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Even little niglets ?

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Sterilize all on welfare 12 years earlier.

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Especially, before they grow into groids.

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One sees such a video and what can one say except... Niggers.

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I know. She looks like a goddamn gorilla

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dead link

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