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I love watching the Demonrats trying to make a bad thing our of an over 4% growth rate in the economy. I've heard people joke that if Trump invented a cure for cancer, the liberals would criticise him for throwing doctors and nurses out of work.

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No matter how much Trump does the leftist will still complain. They don't want a job, they just want free stuff

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Employers have to pay people more in wages because there isn't much competion for jobs. I'm sick of these lazy commies refusing to go out looking for work.

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And they had that wealth under Obama too so what's your point? Forced healthcare premiums and penalties can't be eaten. High taxes can't be eaten. Money robbed from the working class to pay for government programs that benefit failed banks can't be eaten either. All of these things were under Obama's administration yet you complain that actual growth is bad? You liberals really are a spiteful, hateful and uncaring bunch of self-serving whiners. You don't actually care about real people. You only care about looking virtuous by pretending to care about people. Your falseness shines brightly and your lies ring loudly. So vile.

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I don't click on untitled links.

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No they aren't

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That productivity is coming from automation and computation not people working harder

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Some faggots are downvoating you. Have an upvoat.

Dont be too harsh on the current administration. The economy cant change course like a race car. It takes time.

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Have you noticed all the corporate stock buy backs? Came really fast

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Capital spending is up like what... 30%? Stock buybacks were here before trump