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“I didn’t feel like getting screwed over any more,” the man, identified only as “David,”

How fucking DARE they misgender her.

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we need to harass and bully them

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Men generally pay higher car insurance rates because they have a higher accident rate.

Now that gender is meaningless I guess they have to charge everyone the same since we're all so perfectly equal.

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didnt james demore get fired for saying that?

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Gender isn't meaningless; they obviously place a high degree of importance on it, it's just that there is no objective difference. You need to go full postmodern-marxist to be able to ignore the contradiction

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Can you imagine the uproar if women had to pay more? Even though they most likely do get in more accidents

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From what I remember reading, they get into more wrecks, but they are more minor. Which could partly simply be a result of the differing driving roles men and women take, e.g. long-distance versus a trip to the neighborhood grocery store.

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I guess he got fed up with Guy-Co and decided to switch to Progressive.

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Aunt Flo is nothing to mess with.

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Hearty kek

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Buh zing!

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Alberta’s sex change requirements weren’t intended to help Albertans welch on their insurance premiums

Bad biased reporting. She's not welching. The insurance company is billing her and she's paying the bill.

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Oh did she Welch on them? Did they get gypd? Did she get emotional? Did they act niggerdly?

These fucks never stop lecturing and projecting. I'm past hatred of political opponents.

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I like how they call this "dubious reasons" . Right, cause brain washing people and fucking with western culture isn't dubious at all. It's always good when they do it...

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The tranny's need to identify as a woman is based on a genuine need for financial advantage. Who is to say this is any less legitimate than a need to beat girls at sports, or a need to trick lesbians into fucking you, or a need to escape homo rape flashbacks from your childhood?

This writer's disparagement of the tranny is offensively intolerant and should be reported to the RCMP wrongthink squad.

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Insurance fucked this up. Trannies are more likely to struggle with addicition this would make them more of a risk than a standard male. The rates should go up for trans in a sane world.

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But woman are worse drivers

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Watch those statistics become false as more men decide to consider themselves as women in a legal sense.

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Please make those statistics false guys. It would be entertaining and you'll save money.

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Women are better driver tuan men until 23 years old or so.

Men drive the majority of all miles so they are more likely to get into accidents. Thus higher insurance.

Also what a dumb system.

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This. Men drive for work, truckers and 4x4s up and down the highway. Women rarely drive for work outside of mail ladies. And that's neighborhood driving, slow and safe. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not about the individual, it's about the chance of liability, they only care about the math.

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Insurance companies disagree with you. They only care about statistics and money.

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When I see shitty oblivious drivers with bad driving form, 70% of the time it's a fucking lady. This forces people that are alert to pass them at higher rates of speed. They have no awareness of their velocity, distance, and traffic impact.

But law and insurance companies say that a german style of driving is very dangerous and illegal.

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Make Autobahns Great Again

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