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The most shocking thing for me as I listened to this mans words, he confirmed that Lauren would be charged with a breach of peace if there was any trouble resulting from her walking towards the mosque and that she would be breaking the law even if she attempted to do so.

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So would the other way around be acceptable?

Muslims barred from entering certain areas because people might assault them?

Rhetorical question

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Wait are u serious? Walk down the street obeying the law...get fucked with, and it’s your own fault?

What happened to “religion of peace” nonsense.

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'may be'

It's too bad Lauren has no rhetorical skills, because that idiot gave her so many openings. But she is blonde, and tit-equipped.

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Arguing with a cop never leads to good results; you are always better off making yourself look dumber than the officer.

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Mental Gymnastics

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I thought muslmis were a open and tolerant people how could they let the police treat her this way

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If we're going to be open and tolerant, we've got to welcome everyone even those who are not open and tolerant you hate-filled bigot. You're not welcome because you're not open and tolerant.

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Jew speak.

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This dame has copped so much aggravation in Australia and I think it's due in no small part to Reddit stirring up hate against her.

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Imagine telling a cop to disallow letting people you hate walk down the sidewalk because you can't be held responsible for lynching them on sight... this is the progressive liberal opinion.

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The West now forced to take these scum and yet no open borders for Saudi or Israel? Weak cop seems like a traitor open borders homosexual islamist apologist. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=G5F6JBcLZ0g Film here of Sydney Koranimals, Rioting, screaming behead those who insult islam, Attacking cops .

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Walking to places while kaffir is finally a criminal offence in the west

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Sure this "cop" is taking more muslim cock than a goat during ramadan.

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rofl !

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Ceded territory. They'll expand their territory until they have all of Australia. There is no other plan.

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You can see the immense difficulty with which he struggled with the mental gymnastics at the beginning lel

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Many wasted opportunities to tie him in knots there.

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Anywhere mudslimes live quickly becomes a no go zone. (((They))) want it that way.

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