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"What's happening" is the commies are getting away with a mountain of crimes . . . Where are the prosecutions? Where's that nigger faggot Sessions?

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If the cops and judges are part of the gang you have to get them out of oversight positions before you can act against the core gang.

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This is exactly correct. We have to undo decades of corruption. Everything is infiltrated by NWO globalists.

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Yep.. otherwise they just get off with hand slaps.

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Haven't seen much of that happening in the last two years, better get started soon.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is having a bad week – and it’s about to get worse. On Friday we’re expected to learn from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis that the U.S. economy grew at a blistering pace in the second quarter of this year, further affirming the success of President Trump’s tax cuts and deregulatory efforts


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I saw an interview with sessions or one of those people and they were explaining that they didn't even understand what the media was reporting because none of it was actually true. Like the Mueller investigation isn't an actual thing and it's one hundred percent media fiction. The media was just hoping that they could dupe enough people into believing it so that Trump could be arrested for nothing, but that didn't work, so now they're hoping it'll lose him the next election.

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yeah Mueller made up these fake charges against 12 Russian nationals.. obviously he has to go to court, and was expecting none to turn up so he can just get convictions and move on... alas they did turn up, and Mueller had to ask the judge to defer the case because he didn't have enough evidence.. the judge saw through this ruse and blasted the shit out of him, and only gave him a few days haha... that's another farce!

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I honestly wonder how much of Sessions inactions aren't actually him being part of the swamp, but are just him not being able to do anything because nothing is actually going on. I mean, keep in mind, the "pee pee dossier" was made up by 4chan and CNN was so embarrassed that they literally made up a spy named "Steele" and just rolled with it.

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He is right of course! But we should still regard what he says with skepticism. Remember how everyone was fooled by Obama when he was first elected?

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He speaks the truth but he is referring to layers upon layers upon layers of lies. Nothing you see in the news is truth. It's all one big circle jerk of control. Truth gets buried in a sea of misinformation and is hardly ever present these days except for places like this on rare occasions.


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Wait, who was fooled by Obama?

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MAGA is happening. Mainstream news does not cover it. Fox Business News covers President Trump the best. I was moved to tears at his visit at the steel plant today.

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https://archive.fo/fb8tZ :

Trump: What you're seeing in the news 'is not what's happening' | TheHill

'Just remember: What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening."'

'In addition to China, Trump has drawn scrutiny for his actions from top U.S. allies. '

'Trade partners have vowed to respond to these efforts from Trump, with Canada announcing retaliatory tariffs that targeted U.S. exports earlier this month. '

'Among other economic matters he discussed in Missouri, Trump claimed that farmers would be the “biggest beneficiary” of his escalating trade disputes. '

'Earlier this month, Trump announced a planned additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. '

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Sounds like an opportunity for dairy farmers in the near future

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fake news

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Now there's a revelation!

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Of course ((they)) want America's economic engine to purr at any cost as they have not finished siphoning America's wealth.

Throw them in jail NOW and let them rot for the year or 2 for the slow wheels of Justice.

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