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If anyone in my family tells me they allowed themselves to be roped into this scam I'm going to kill them horribly with a tea spoon.

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Yeah: all of the victims here paid money to give their DNA to total strangers.

It's a lemming stampede like Facebook, but exponentially more ridiculous.

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They paid to give their DNA away, to people who then turned around and sold it. They made money on both ends

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They gave their, their families, their races' DNA.

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with a teaspoon

You live in Britain, eh? Oi, givvus a peak at yor spoon loicense, m8

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I'm really hoping my brother isn't stupid enough to buy a 23andme test. I can completely see him buying it without understanding how it can be used to raise his and my health insurance rates. It won't register to him even if I tell him and explain that there is now a massive market for peoples' personal data.