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DNA Library: if you build it, (((they))) will come

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What, they keep a copy of your DNA and then sell it to the highest bidder? NO WAY! If only I had a functioning brain before getting that 23andMe ancestry test done!

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I did ancestry. The 23andMe is bullshit. They told my sister and 2 of my friends they were part nigerian. My parents and I got different test from several other places, none of us had a trace of nigerian.

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Allegedly you can 'opt out'

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So they know whos blood to drink and who organs to take after the donor experiences an unfortunate accident.

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In droves!!! Happily!!! "It's so cool". Look at all the rest of the nonsense that people sign up for. I'd be here all day listing it all...fartbook being one of the many.

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This saying has never fit so perfectly.

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Now we're going to start seeing the dna specific biological weapons

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and 'vaccines'

and this >> https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1857671

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dna specific biological weapons

Doesn't Bill Gates study DNA and virii extensively with his ((philanthropy))

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Oh wow . Heart attack gun thatll only work on YOU. All they gotta do is add the chemical to the drinking water, it'll find you!

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damnit we goats should have put our sheckles together and bought this!

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I’ll just leave this here. (https://imgoat.com/uploads/1f491a404d/128353.jpeg)

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jesus h. christ...

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Its a small world at the top. Even smaller when your in a tribe; while being at said top

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(((They live)))

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It makes me wonder if I should have ever bothered making a tech startup. I came up for the same idea as Uber back in 2009, but never acted on it, and wonder if I would have been cut out from success in favor of a jew.

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Maybe. Probably what would've happened is they would've waited until you got big and then tried to steal your company.

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If anyone in my family tells me they allowed themselves to be roped into this scam I'm going to kill them horribly with a tea spoon.

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Yeah: all of the victims here paid money to give their DNA to total strangers.

It's a lemming stampede like Facebook, but exponentially more ridiculous.

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They paid to give their DNA away, to people who then turned around and sold it. They made money on both ends

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They gave their, their families, their races' DNA.

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with a teaspoon

You live in Britain, eh? Oi, givvus a peak at yor spoon loicense, m8

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I'm really hoping my brother isn't stupid enough to buy a 23andme test. I can completely see him buying it without understanding how it can be used to raise his and my health insurance rates. It won't register to him even if I tell him and explain that there is now a massive market for peoples' personal data.

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Get outta here. That surely doesn't sound like a Jewish thing to do.

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Can frame anyone now withDNA

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Or worse/better create a virus (and a vaccine) that targets specific genetic populations then take over the arabs without firing a shot?

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Often wondered if a virus targeting races without Neanderthal DNA using CRISPR https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRISPR

Would solve the DINDU problem

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create a virus (and a vaccine) that targets specific genetic populations then take over the arabs without firing a shot?

Close, but it's not for the Arabs. Africa could be a great place, if not for the locals.

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I bet they still have your original DNA samples. And there are machines to construct DNA from code.

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That's an interesting idea. If deep fakes get much better video evidence will not be trusted and should DNA actually be forgable somehow, it may suffer the same fate.

Being known as a honest man may end up becoming much more valuable.

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This is and example of why you always NEED to read the fine print from services like this. 23andme's Disclosure Agreement pretty much gives them the rights to your results for them to do with and sell the same to whomever they wish, including Law Enforcement Investigators, Medical Insurance Companies and even Pharmaceutical Companies. What is worse is this DNA info can also be used to cross-check and then match-up your profile from that of a Blood Relative, as now is being done to solve so-called "Cold Cases" in Police files. DNA is forever. They can match a living relative or dig up a relative of your's who died 50-80 Years ago, take a sample from a bone or hair fragment, map the same in a lab and match it up to your DNA via Genealogical Mapping of your family tree. All of it Court admissible we may add. Same thing goes for un-planned pregnancy! They can match up the kid's DNA to yours AkA: "You Are the Father!" -- On a good note this technique can be used to match up all of those illegitimate pregnancy births that Black men so love to do! Think of it as Maury Povich's 'envelope' on steroids! Some enterprising Jew will make millions tracing back 'missing' Black fathers to their illegitimate kids this way, assuming the 'groid ain't dead of course.

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