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the Turkish community is still looking for a site for a new Mosque.

Try Turkey you fucking cocksuckers.

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Try Turkey you fucking cocksuckers.

LMAO. We have the BEST people.

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Emotionally unstable == Perfect for German leadership

How times have changed..

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That’s to logical for them.

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That’s to logical for them.

That isnt logical to them because it isnt logical at all.

The point of a mosque isnt peaceful worship. The point of mosques and minarets is marking conquered territory, like hoisting a flag.

Mistaking enemy garrisones for peaceful, spiritual event venues is only "logical" for castrated cucks like you.

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Two* two plus too equals 8

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Turks are worse than Indians and thats saying something, and I hate my fucking indian neighbour.

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Holy shit, that made me grin from ear to ear. Short 'n sweet.

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Short hair is almost always a giveaway....so progressive!

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In older women it can be either way. Short hair is much easier to deal with and if she's 60 she doesn't give a shit about attracting men. In younger women though, yeah.

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stone them

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That requires a new mosque.

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Fucking traitor.

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"But, but but, my country's ideological enemies need an additional place to pray and insulate themselves from our culture! You're hurting their feeeeeelings, they're wounded cubs and we're mother bears whose job it is is to protect them!"

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What happens to retards after 70 years of brainwashing.

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I'd rather say thats what happens to former whores with no marriage, no family, no roots, no future. She is only importing muslims because she cant await death but is too cowardly to kill herself.

Failed men go on shooting sprees. Failed women poison wells and open the city gates.

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That last sentence.

I want to frame it and hang it on my wall.

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I am still waiting for the headline: "German politicians cry as they are arrested for sedition, aiding terrorism, and dozens of other charges, likely face life in prison or firing squads."

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Never happen.

Likely they'll be executed by the fucking caliphate or beaten to death by angry German mobs. That country is fucked, homie.

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likely face life in prison or firing squads.

As long as childless, unmarried whores like her are allowed to vote or get elected, no law will be changed to put them in prison or before a firing squad.

There are a LOT of them, they have a lot of time, and they have no other purpose in life than opening the city gates to take revenge at the society for not forcing them into marriage and motherhood, allowing them to fail at life.

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The last sentence is key.

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The irony is that if they undertook this treachery in the lands of the savage fuckers they import, they'd be stoned and flogged in the streets and their corpse paraded and sodomised as it's tossed among the crowd. Maybe we should appropriate some parts of African/Middle Eastern culture.

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she wouldnt face any jail time because after she helped the terrorists the would rape and murder her

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The real joke is that a) that woman probably is from the Greens or The Left who usually go full LGBTQBBC, and b) said Mosque -if built by/for the Turkish community - would almost be guaranteed to be handled by DITIB - a sub-organization of the Turkish state which has been proven to spy on political opponents and indoctrinate Turks living in Germany in order to keep them loyal to the "Fatherland".

In other words, it would be a mosque built on Erdogan's orders, while the Greens and the Left usually have very clear words to criticize how Erdogan merrily rapes Turkey's democracy to death. The irony is palpable.

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Turks identify strategic war monger. All their money goes to military. They straddle the east and west but identify 100% Muslim east. My Turk X holds terrorism meetings with her Turkish associates weekly. They hate Americans but want what we have. I reported this to the FBI before I realized they support her. They took my kid and gave her to the non citizen Turk terrorist 30 minutes after I met with the FBI. I haven't heard from her since despite petitioning the court and tens of thousands to attorneys.

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Talk to independent media, bring proof. Then your story will be heard world-wide.

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A great example of why you should never allow women to make decisions for your country.

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Sorry, my caps-lock was stuck on fed-the-fuck-up.

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