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Providing material support to terrorists. Lock him up.

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Makes one wonder about some of the people Hussein killed via his UDA period (unfettered drone assassinations). Angry man muslim communist John Brennan gave Hussain the kill lists, (probably VJ signed off on it, she did influence the timing of the reported OBL killing http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/29/obama-canceled-bin-laden-kill-raid-three-times-valerie-jarrett/ )




What is troubling to many Americans—what Brennan must be asked about in any confirmation hearings—is where this battlefield, this war, and this killing authority begin and end. Brennan has helped construct and justify the Administration’s claim that it can kill people, including American citizens, abroad on its own authority, even when those people are not in countries with which we are at war.

“There’s another reason I value John so much,” Obama said. “And that is his integrity and his commitment to the values that define us as Americans. He has worked to embed our efforts in a strong legal framework. ...What Obama meant by this, it seems, from reporting in the Times and Washington Post, is that Brennan is deeply engrossed in designing an internal process for deciding who to kill. He wants to make sure that people in the White House think hard about it—which may feel like due process, but isn’t. He also wants to make it so that anyone can do it—any President, any counterterrorism adviser—not just ones who are as thoughtful and clever as he and Obama.

Alice-in-Wonderland https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/2013/01/02/83799c18-5515-11e2-8b9e-dd8773594efc_story.html?utm_term=.5647d82fc895

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Barry really isn't worth the cost of putting him in prison. He should stay and run South Africa for his rich white friends.

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Obama will never be held accountable for anything, unfortunately.

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He is a dindo.

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Do you mean dindu?

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Obama bin Laden

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Feckin-A Sotero dude still breathing good ? .... Why ?

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Whose turn to scream treason?

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https://archive.fo/mbTNn :

BREAKING: Obama Knowingly Funded Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate | Daily Wire

'OFAC confirmed in January 2015 that ISRA was a designated terrorist organization and rejected World Vision from obtaining "a license to engage in transactions with [ISRA]."'

'ISRA, also referred to as the Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA), received a $200,000 taxpayer-funded grant from the Obama administration, which released at least $115,000 to the terrorist-financing organization. '

'Obama tried to downplay his failure to contain terrorism by claiming that under his administration, "the number of terrorist incidents [had] not substantially increased."'

'The Obama administration also killed a massive investigation into Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Islamic terrorist group, allowing them to "become one of the biggest transnational organized crime groups in the world," veteran DEA supervisory agent Jack Kelly told Politico. '

'The 2004 designation included all of ISRA’s branches, including a U.S. office called the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA-USA). '

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Go on...................

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BREAKING: We've known this for years. We've know how the US created and funded and armed Al-Qaeda

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