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Israeli nationalist trying to normalize pedophilia. Huh. Imagine that.

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I have heard funny pedo bits i.e. Bill Burr's bit about how you can't even be nice to kids anymore because of "To Catch a Predator." But his bit was about how pedos are horrible and his joke was how the consequence screwed normal people. Silverman's joke takes a different tact where she is now the pedo or for the pedo. There is a comedy line on certain subjects and I do think Silverman's bit crossed it. Also, considering the amount of #metoo stories coming out right now, maybe not the best time for jokes like this. You know Silverman's motive is to try and fan the pedo flame joke to show how ridiculous it is to fire someone over pedo jokes, but I think this is all going to backfire.

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She used to be offensive for the sake of it, and it was kinda funny, but she suddenly turned a complete 180 and decided offensive jokes were bad and nobody should be allowed make them ever and acted like a complete fucking hypocrite about it so i hope it comes back to hit her hard.

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It's not just her pulling that hypocritical stuff. It's widespread on the modern left.

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How do you know her motive? Comedy doesn't really have a line to cross. But some stuff just isn't funny.

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Well her lunacy on social media is a clue. She was the one thinking utility company markings on a sidewalk was a swastika despite not even being close to one.

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Sarah Silverman's only skill is taking controversial things and making them "jokes." Like sometimes she's literally just saying something horrible and that's the punchline.

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It was a skit from The Sarah Silverman Program, which Dan Harmon helped to create.

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and both sara and dan have made pedo tweets. Loo kat my submissions

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I love how PO blatantly throws the Baphomet hand symbol.

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Sarah Silverman is the same fucking cunt at the dnc primary nomination that told Bernie supporters to shut the fuck up.

The audio on tv was altered; the original clip was full of booing because nobody there wanted Hillary, but when it was uploaded to most major news channels and Facebook they replaced the audio w people cheering to fake that the crowd agreed with her.

I hope she gets hit by a bus

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https://tweetsave.com/polishpatryot/status/1021858151409299456 :

PolishPatryot🇵🇱 on Twitter: "Sarah Silverman and Patton "proud pedophile" Oswalt in a Pedo-Skit🤮 The skit begins with Sarah Silverman driving a black van with its windows blacked out. The interior of the van is a pedophile’s dream. @AnOpenSecret @JackPosobiec @Cernovich… /tZ3DZFB7dU"

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That's all these jews have been doing since the 80's on TV all while pushing their anti-white hate, especially against white southern folks. They were projecting themselves. Creepy horror movie jewbag filth

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What I find interesting is one side pushes for the normalization of pedo shit then the same side will arrest and claim people have a CP stash, wtf are they trying to do.

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