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So tase her and drag her ass off the plane.

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Keep her on, take her passport, and dump her in Afghanistan.

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It doesn't get better than that.

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Afghanistan needs brave warriors like her to be an example of what not to do, or else get raped, acid'd, and stoned.

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You should be the top vote getter what the fuck. I like the way you think.

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patrol the thot

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And hey, she's not dying, so it's all good!

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That face.. those glasses.. are we going to let people like this control us?

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After The War is over there will be very few of them. The most will die off, the few will transform into reasonable human beings.

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Better idea, we give her to the shitbag as a parting gift.

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Look at that ignorant, smug, SJW face. Where was this stupid bitch's outrage when Swedish little girls are being gang-raped by these 'refugees' every day (who don't get deported and at most get a slap on the wrist...so you can imagine how badly this Afghan must've fucked up to get deported)?

It's just a massive shit-test. She's begging someone to put her in her place. And/or hoping Haji will throw her a mercy f*ck after he leaves the plane.

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this video must be one of those "day 25 without sex" memes

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Should have dragged her off the plane by her hair.

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Hopefully she is deported along with the sand nigger to Afghanistan... there she can experience diversity to its fullest.

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This was planned, she had a printout of a certain refugee what was supposed to be on the plane, he wasn't. She bought a oneway ticket (I heard), and was only there to do this protest, in the end she had to protest the deportation of an unknown 52 yo afghan man.

We don't know why he was being deported, but could have been a rapist/murderer, in which case this stunt will backfire when it comes out.

Left stops deportation of murderer, how will that look?

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Dumb lemming. I just wonder if 30 years in the future this dumb piece of fauna will look back to this day and reflect on how she fucked up.

No, I do not think so. I just hope her Muslim husband does not beat her too much. Even though he probably should...

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free shit for her

.. and her dozen of colored children.

I just wonder if she will be wearing burka at that point in future.

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