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Whites need worry. It is getting serious people.

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I have started to look at it as a great opportunity. Whites will get to reclaim our homeland from an oppressive 'other' and re assert our position as the sole inheritors of what the founding fathers intended. While it is not what I originally wanted for the life of myself, friends, and family, id rather whip out my surfboard, get pitted, and ride the wave rather than attempt to halt it with punches mean words and punches. KOWABUNGA

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They have done this act before the the victims of the Toronto Attack Canada have even been buried, before the blood on the pavement has even dried.... and here President Nicolas Sarkozy of France Calls for Forced Race Mixing https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=DU9b80dpDJU ? he will fix all through Cultural Miscegenation?

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Armed ... celled ... chandlered ... waiting for POTUS to officer the yeomanry and call out the white citizens militia. Trotsky media-hoes, ghetto-nigs, Antifa bitches and Pelosi poly-sluts whimper like beat dogs. Long overdue to bleach-the-stain.

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Here are the videos censored by the Goolag

VIDEO: French President Macron Pretends Crime Rates And Migrants Are Not Related https://www.bitchute.com/video/GSYrZ8gUsxs/

How To Prevent Liberalism: A Public Service Announcement https://www.bitchute.com/video/fiBC7fSUZ80/

SHOCK REPORT: Learn How Islam Has Already Conquered Europe https://www.bitchute.com/video/CeYP1C_51XA/

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Bitchute is clearly BEST ute!

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Kike compliant I'd reckon...

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Kike compliant.

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If you have a google account and time to spare, pimp out bitchute subtly in you tube comments.

The ladies knitting video type of stuff aren't on there for money, so asking them to put a version on Bitchute can do a lot of good. We need to get the normies exposed to those videos. Someone looking for instructions on something mundane is a bread crumb trail that can change their lives.

Conversion and baptism of the clueless is the goal

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Stop using youtube for video sharing. You can use ipfs instead.

Details heres.

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I downloaded the android client but it is pretty shoddy and nobody has been doing work on it for almost a year . Do you know what is going on ? Alternatives to big tech and centralization of the Internet are probably the most important weapons this war requires . If people don't know who is being victimized and when and where we can't even respond or prepare for when it is our turn

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I'm satisfied with the command line client under linux, although I think it's important that it'll get a GUI of some sort. I didn't know about the android client. I agree that this is very important.

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InfoWars are disinfo shills.

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That's moronic. Give me the truth. I don't give a F about your conclusions . Everyone gives you their conclusions you don't have to agree with them but you need the facts that are being hidden from you . Don't be a nigger and discourage the only people giving you facts because you don't like something they think. when it comes to espionage, open borders, censorship and victimizing good people silence is not golden

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Okay, think of it this way: you're the global cabal runs the world, and you need to control the people. What do you do? You control what they think. So you give them Fox News and CNN. 85% of people ate happy to pick one side and mock the other.

But 15% of people see through that. But they need to be controlled, too. So what do you do?

You give them the truth. You give them the truth, and you decide how to present it, which parts to omit, which parts to misrepresent, et cetera. And you center it all around a big personality.

In comes Alex Jones. He's a big personality and his job is two fold. One, he decides what parts of the truth you focus on. That's why he's so "anti extreme Islam" but ignores that these people are racially incompatible. His second job is to be a little outrageous. Not enough to alienate the 15%, but enough to make them look like a laughing stock to the 85%.

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Even if that where true, a surprisingly large amount of what they say turns out to be true. So they aren't to be trusted completely, but still seem to keep putting truth out there.

[–] fuckingmockies 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

That's the point. They give you truth, but use it to lead you to false conclusions.

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France, England, Sweden, Germany are all pretty terrible with these welcomed invasions that are displaying their local (white people) communities. Race aside, it is something supported and ran through ngos that use slavery/human trafficking to infest local communities by offering them gibs. They (mostly adult males) do not understand or do not care to abide by another country's standards.

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