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Shapiro is a neocon, formerly known as a Marxist.

Shapiro is a neocon, formerly known as a Marxist primarily a Jew.

James Gunn is a Jew.

All the other attributes, whether correct or wrong, are insignificant compared to jewish tribal allegiance.

Similar to the case catholic kiddiefuckers protecting each other against prosecution for decades, the weight of a child rape pales in comparison to turning in a brother to the enemy.

Imagine living in Zimbabwe or South Africa as one of the last whites. Would you ever side with the rabid niggers against a white brother, even if he did things to niggers for which you would execute him by your own hand if comitted against a white in a white country? Thats essentially how jews must feel living surrounded by hundreds of millions of goyim. Theyd rather let their fellow jews regularly rape and dismember and eat thousands of screaming goyim babies than rat them out to the hated goyim and watch them prosecute them.