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But muh blue wave.

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Brown had fucked up this state so much since she got into office. The fact that she was under the last gov, who just got a slap on the wrist for the crap he pulled with his girlfriend should say that she’s just as corrupt.

The attack ads are flying back and forth but the ones against Brown are pretty bad. All they can do against this guy is bring up that he voted against 2 solidly democratic type bills. That’s it. Brown, she’s messed up the pension funds, hired PR firms to try to cover up stuff, taken away gun rights, etc.

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Decided to tax a federal tax return as income.... that one was baffling

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Yup. Oregon is pretty fucked up. Even TurboTax’s own FAQ words it with “double taxation” then says you have to pay.

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Not really. If you didn't pay taxes on it the first time (because you gave it to the feds), then it is income that hasn't been taxed yet at the time you receive it. No question about it.

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Keep attacking people in the streets of Portland you Commies.