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I'm gonna guess a fat, loud, obnoxious, black lady that they're too afraid to properly discipline because they know she will file a discrimination suit.

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Now now, I'm sure they are not one of those things you mentioned..Na I'm just fucking with you. You're probably right

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And they still set records for governmental employee productivity.

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Not limited to DMV. Nearly every state funded institution does this, and every company that takes state contracts.

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This is true. I once had a contract for a government agency to do the job of a man who wandered in an hour and a half late every day, read the paper for an hour or so, went to lunch for two+ hours, then came back and took a nap until the end of the day.

It was a soul sucking job, but the money was fantastic.

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you just described pretty much every gov't employee ever

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“Work” is the only place I believe them when they say they dindu nuffin.

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So an average nigger DMV worker?

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In Chicago 90% of the postal workers and DMV employees are black when they are about 1/3 of the population.

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We really need a "Guess The Race" sub for stories like this.

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We already have that, it’s called /v/niggers

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Who wants to place bets it's a loud fat ugly black woman, the kind we are all picturing right now.

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