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Thank you god. Let's be honest again.

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I'm Mexican. I'm an immigrant and a lawful permanent resident in Canada.

If I lose my wallet, I'm undocumented - literally, someone without documents. If I hop a border illegally, I'm not undocumented, I'm illegal.

Mexican illegals have documents. Those documents show that they aren't American, and aren't in the country legally.

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I'm an immigrant and a lawful permanent resident in Canada.

No, you are an invader who was let in by traitors in office.

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You're still documented if you lose your ID, police can access your information with just your name. And I'm sure you have your SIN memorized (or at least you should anyways), so are you really undocumented?

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If you lose your wallet, then you should be documented by the country, so they can look you up and recognize that you entered legally.

The country monitors who enters and leaves via port and passports, regardless of if you're a citizen of said country or a visitor. You should know this if you entered the country legally.

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Good for you then. Please, stay in Canada and cut all the lawns and weed-whack all the shrub-beds you want. Let PM Trudeau pay your way. as long as you stay there an don't cross into the US I'm OK with it.

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I just got an undocumented boner.

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Well by you posting it, it is no longer undocumented. Your boner can now legally work in the 50 states and vote Republican

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Until it dies and then it votes Democrat.

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Which is better than an alien boner.

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It wasn't rape, it was just Undocumented Sex!

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Take on dual citizens next

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Oy Vey! Stop being anti-Semitic my fellow white person.

In all seriousness though, I doubt duel citizenship will be getting revoke until people who are willing wipe out all Jews are in power since stripping duel citizens of US resident status is tantamount to expelling all Jews (Isreal's right of return law makes all jew on earth duel citizens by default).

[–] vastrightwing 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

When you say dual citizenship with respect to jews, it's strictly a legal definition. Jews never identify with any country. You'll never hear a jew refer to himself as American or Israeli, for that matter.

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First step I guess should be something like People of dual citizenship will not be allowed to take office. Only citizens of the US who have resided their whole lives in the United States with a singly US nationality will be able to seat in the senate or any roles within the office of presidency.

Of course this would obliterate any chance I would have in US politics but I think it fair considering I don't know what is best for America. I think I have a better idea that most foreigners but someone like Patrick Little would be a better candidate!

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This is really a big deal. Words have specific meaning. Especially when crafting the views of the all too impressionable general public.

The average Goat my not see it, but this will go a long way towards changing public opinion.

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The #1 target for cultural marxists is subversion of language! If you destroy language and make it all shifty, people can't think straight, can't talk about anything clearly even when you're not there to control what they say.

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this is what Jared loughner was fighting for

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That's where I got it from. Didn't think CNN's feelings about it were relevant

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Nothing relevant with CNN

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Congrats US!

You government is being more transparent! I only wish it to be a trend that the UK decides to pick up!

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damn, i hoped for criminal or trespasser.

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Thank you

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