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If this were to happen to me no force in heaven or on Earth would be able to stop me from enacting justice on those feral animals. Of course, I wouldn't be stupid enough to answer my door to those niggers.

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bombing multiple rap concerts would be the only just response if your kid gets killed by savages imo. Go straight for the people producing, and consuming nigger "culture" or lack thereof.

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Nope. Synagogues.

Cut the snake off at the head.

Your just picking up snake poop pellets.

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Like a thousand to one ratio disproportionate response

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Have a gun ready if you open the door for a feral nigger

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Have a gun ready but don't open the door.

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My gun is either on me or within arms reach. I still wouldn't answer the door.

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I hear you man. Makes you look at the world differently. Maybe the world isn't good as it is? Maybe the western world is currently the worst dtate to ever exost,by subsidizing stupid and violent niggers and forcing smart peaceful whited to live beside them. Its demoralizing. And no, I didn't forget (((why))).

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Another reason we should be allowed to hunt and kill niggers. I would give my Left Nut to be the 1 to Bring these Niggers to justice. Rest assure I would not kill them quickly, I would torture them so slowly where seconds seem like min, I would drill their eyes out so they would not know where it was coming from.

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It would be a black baby burned alive by a white guy you can be sure the whole state would have turned into a giant chimpout

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More than just the state

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Well Europe is currently undergoing a 75% chimpout.

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They would burn malls and loot every shop for 'justice'...

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Woman, 25, Accused of Burning Baby to Death

Louisiana authorities say a 25-year-old woman is accused of burning a 6-month-old boy to death.

July 23, 2018,

NATCHITOCHES, La. (AP) — Louisiana authorities say a 25-year-old woman is accused of burning a 6-month-old boy to death.

The state fire marshal's office said in a news release Monday that Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith of Natchitoches (NAK-uh-tesh) was arrested Saturday on a charge of first-degree murder in the death Tuesday of Levi Cole Ellerbe.

The burned baby was found more than an hour after his mother reported him kidnapped Tuesday night. The mother told Natchitoches police two strangers banged on her door and sprayed her with a chemical. Police say she ran away and came back to find her son was gone.

He was found after a woman reported a fire near some railroad tracks. He died in a hospital.


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$100 this HATE CRIME does NOT make it on MSM. I'm slowly redpilling my wife with the nightly (((news)))

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$100 says she won't be charged for a hate crime.

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Looks like you're right. I'm watching Bay Area news with another 6 mins to go and it hasn't been reported. They're showing some 18 year old nigger killed on BART by a 27 yr-old transient white dude. They're calling it a hate crime. The dude's bonafide nuts with a record a mile long.

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I just posted a good way to redpill people about black crime:

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Yeah, sounding shady.

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Look at that child's face. Look into his eyes and realize how innocent and sweet he must have been. Now imagine the confusion and horror as he was taken from his mother and burned. He suffered tremendously and didn't die until the next day in hospital. I am a gentle person with a big heart (but carry a big stick) and this rips me to the core. I can't help but think of my own children. Fuck this story. It's too terrible to comprehend. This ruined my day. Jail is to good for this kind of fucking scum.

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Step 1. Try not to cry. Step 2. Cry uncontrollably...

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Step 3. Get ready for when we have to systematically remove this virus

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God rest his soul. The mother must hate herself for running. Hope someone in prison lights get on fire.

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She needs to not live to see a day in court, put* the rabid animal down! Days in court are for people, not animals!

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First off, fuck this retarded anti-White nigger. Secondly, if a white person decided to kill a black baby, there would be perpetual riots in the streets and the media coverage would be shoving the story down your throat from all angles. I am fucking sick to death of this clown world bullshit.

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Coffee shop asks a black guy to either buy something or leave. Liberal media makes this story national headline news, sparking outrage & protests.

Black people kidnap a white baby, and burn it to death. Liberal media won't even mention this at the national level.

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It's completely infuriating that the MSM omits every red pilled story that goes against their editorial narrative. Makes it harder to push the Overton Window, yes, but we will get there.

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Are we allowed to kill people with thermite?

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You’ll know when we can. Soon enough at this rate.

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Are we allowed to

The longer this goes on, the less this will matter.

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