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That's a shit article. The FBI agent was found to have fired from an elevated firing position into the roof of a vehicle driving away. He even carried extra ammo to fudge the ammo count (or the FBI hostage rescue team fudged the count to protect him). The State PD ballistics guys wouldn't give up on the issue. Drove the Obama DOJ crazy. Eventually the truth came out- Finicum was literally in fear for his life from renegade FBI agent's assassination attempts

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They're CIA spooks, guaranteed.

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Thanks! I hadn't heard that part before.

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There was a goat around here saying they personally knew the family.

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Our intelligence agencies need to be shut down.

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"Our" - as if they belong to us

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I hope these terrorists get what they deserve. That uranium one shit is just straight treason. Dual citizens should be banned from all government agencies.

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Our armed government agencies are only there to cover up crimes of our elite attorney judges and attorney politicians. They traffic humans, they traffic drugs, they kill people. The rule is don't bring attention. Attorney judges train specifically to be duplicitous and hide real crimes . Twitter doesn't block Conservatives , it blocks information that is dangerous to this status quo . It just happens that conservatives are more likely to stumble upon and try to talk about this kind of information right now.

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wwoooaahhhhh..... No shit?

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