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I'm happy that he's opened the gates of the Vatican to embrace the migrants.

Oh, he hasn't?

He can go fuck himself now.

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Who would have thought the pope had so much in common with Leonardo Di Caprio et al. THESE PEOPLE DESERVE HOMES, BRING THEM HERE (just not anywhere near where I live and not on my dime).

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I think he already has fucked himself and dragging the church down with him.

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This pope needs to be hanged

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would you like to see the pope on the end of a rope, do you think he’s a fool? ~ Black Sabbath

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Pope John Paul I was poisoned by the cardinals in 1978 after he made statements to the press suggesting he intended to give the wealth of the Chruch to the poor.

Pope Benedict XVI was forced to step down from the papal throne in 2013 after being threatened with embarrassing and probably criminal exposure of past deeds (as yet unknown to the public). We don't know what he did to piss off the cardinals, but since he looked demonic, maybe he was just a little too evil, even for them.

But the present Pope Francis, an ex-bouncer from South America, is doing just fine and dandy, because the cardinals love his message of globalism and communism. It's unlikely they will poison him.

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He was paid off by the kikes to further destroy Christianity and subsequently Europe. There are some elements in the Vatican who cannot be corrupted and are standing against this false prophet, but their numbers are trifle sadly.

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But they cannot do what must be done. He must be arrested, tried and executed.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Pope Benedict XVI didn't resign because he wanted to. He was forced by those assholes. The same can be done to this idiot Francis.

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Bergoglio, the guy seated in the Pope's house has declared war on the US. He really should be killed for that.

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Are they going to "self police"?

Lol ok I'll bite... who are the good guys inside the Vatican?

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A few cardinals who still live by the Christian teachings refused to be bought by the Enemy, but as I said, their numbers are insignificant and cannot pull off a regime change unless they get help from the outside.

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Not paid off. Chosen by them.

Jews infiltrated the Catholic church heavily in the past, including the creation of the Jesuits. Vatican II was heavily guided by Jewish 'converts'.

Never, EVER trust a Jewish convert to Christianity.

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Get a copy of Michael Hoffman's "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome." He lays out in great detail how the Roman Catholic Church got corrupted, starting the in the fifteenth century. To say that Bergoglio is a Satanist is easy.

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Indeed, thanks for linking this important piece of literature. I would add, though, that the situation was not as bad back then as it is now. Today, the very fabric of Christendom is threatened by powers much greater than the ones that were corrupting the Church in the 15th century.

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Although my religiosity had been fading for years, this pope led me to sever all ties with the catholic church.

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The Pope has got nothing to do with Christianity. He's a figurehead. Despite the supposed remark by Jesus that Peter would be the rock of his church (which was almost certain added in after the fact, as propaganda for the papacy) there is no real evidence that Jesus ever intended to establish an elaborate church structure, let alone appoint a single man to head it. In his own lifetime, he didn't even write anything down. He was a wandering teacher who gathered some followers to wander after him. Don't let the Pope poison your mind to Christianity. And don't try to use the Pope as your excuse for your loss of faith, either.

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Don't guilt trip me. I'm an intelligent person, and I think Judeo christian religions weaken european people. They are systems of exploitation designed to benefit the biological imperatices of semetic peoples. Indo-european peoples have their own systems, to me far more valuable and flexible than the blood cults from the desert. And in any case, you shouldn't be dependant on a system for your morality, it comes from within.

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Yep. Fake garbage that discredits us.

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Catholics are now a political organization.

End their exempt status.

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ALL organized religions are political. Islam is literally a political systrm.

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I think you could say: >organized groups will become political with increasing membership

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They have and always will be their own country. This was an act of war.

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the Vatican used to field armies.

where have you been?

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they hired mercenaries, still do - the Swiss Guards.

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This news source cites Reuters, but the links goes to a story about the Thai cave rescue

The correct link to express outrage over is from August 2017. Glad to see that neonnettle is on top of things in this breaking news story.


however, this might be a case of sophisticated click bait.

If I recall correctly, Trump tweeted for the Pope to shut up, and the Pope has ignored him, repeating his message throughout the year.

The World Day of Migrants and Refugees was introduced in 1914 by Benedict XV, during WWI. and has been promoted by the Church ever since.

you can see Pope Francis' official message here




Considering the current situation, welcoming means, above all, offering broader options for migrants and refugees to enter destination countries safely and legally. This calls for a concrete commitment to increase and simplify the process for granting humanitarian visas and for reunifying families. At the same time, I hope that a greater number of countries will adopt private and community sponsorship programmes, and open humanitarian corridors for particularly vulnerable refugees. Furthermore, special temporary visas should be granted to people fleeing conflicts in neighbouring countries.

Collective and arbitrary expulsions of migrants and refugees are not suitable solutions, particularly where people are returned to countries which cannot guarantee respect for human dignity and fundamental rights. Once again, I want to emphasise the importance of offering migrants and refugees adequate and dignified initial accommodation. “More widespread programmes of welcome, already initiated in different places, seem to favour a personal encounter and allow for greater quality of service and increased guarantees of success”.

The principle of the centrality of the human person, firmly stated by my beloved Predecessor, Benedict XVI, obliges us to always prioritise personal safety over national security. It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that agents in charge of border control are properly trained. The situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees requires that they be guaranteed personal safety and access to basic services. For the sake of the fundamental dignity of every human person, we must strive to find alternative solutions to detention for those who enter a country without authorisation.

I see where he is coming from, but disagree because properly done national security also ensures the security, safety, and dignity of the refugee in addition to those of native population

see also the different World Refugee Day


International Migrants Day


and this organization


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