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If Mike would just pledge allegiance to Communism then this would just all go away. Come on, Mike. Just make the pledge. Communism is so coooooooooolllllllll! And the women-communists are so adorable especially since they don't believe in washing or hygiene.

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Bitch looks like a real life ogre

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Nigga, dat bish is a real life ogre

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Cernovich is another subversive jew like shapiro and milo being forced into conservative media to falsely represent us.

Fuck him, he has nothing to do with justice

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He's irrelevant these days. The Gunn stunt was a desperate attempt to get back in the headlines.

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Enough with the jews playing the "white conservative" role!!!!
Get these shills OUT!

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Save (((Tommy))) !

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(((Lauren Southern))) is a victim!!!

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Mike is a kike. For all I know he's not jewish but he certainly acts like one and I say that after reading a couple of his books. He's fucked and you're far better off reading rollo tomasse if you want a guide to masculinity as Mike will merely turn you into a kike wannabe in the same light that a wigger is a nigger.

Avoid him at all costs.

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True or not, the 'irony' is that Twitter has been banning people for 'hate speech', but all those pedos posting pedophile 'jokes' never get banned.

Tl;DR: Post jokes about raping Muslims: your account will be deleted asap. Post jokes about raping children: nothing will happen, even if you post hundreds of child rape jokes over years.

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Instagram is just as guilty. All those creepy fucking photos posted by the comet ping pong page, and others, like what the fuck.

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How do I get an image to show up next to my submission? My submissions are just boring text

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I depends on the post and site. We only do thumbs for link submissions and only if the external site has the right Metadata and responds under a certain time limit.

This is why you see some link submissions without thumbs.

This is a text submission so it will not have a thumb.

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mingling eh, upvoat

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Pulls right up for me.

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I remember the day laws were changed so that any joke about anything was defined as indisputable proof of your guilt of the associated crime. Never had justice been so worthy.

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