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Well imagine that?!?!

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The Religion of "Peace" strikes again.

For thousands of years they destroy everything; but in the last few decades they're known as "peaceful". . . lol

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Christian Arabs and niggers are about as violent and rapey.

It's genetic.

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His family is already playing the mental health card. Depression & psychosis... imagine that !

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Checks out. Clearly his sentient handgun wooed yet another hapless victim of mental instability in to committing a horrible crime. WHY WON'T WE BAN GUN!?!?!?! BAN THEM ALREADY, OY VEY! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! BAN THEM ALREADY YOU STUPID GOYIM!!! FUCKING DO IT !!! WHY WON'T YOU DO IT?!?!!?!?!? HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE DO WE HAVE TO KILL WATCH DIE?!!?!?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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follow the therapist!

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Yeah right.

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"Motive still unclear..."
"Lone wolf..."
"We may never know...."

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Yeah, it's a mystery.

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INCEL strikes again!

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That law has been right for decades.

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So many bullets and so few killed. Thank goodness but this is normal.
As has been noted forever in War History journals, Muslims can't fight, can't stand their ground, can't think, and only succeed through the ignorance and pathological niceness of NonMuslims.

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Probably because they're extremely inbred and hence very low intelligence. They're not capable of much of anything

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Good. It's gonna make my killing spree that much more efficient, once the SHTF. If NA reverts in to an anarchist war zone, within my lifetime, I'm going to wake up in the morning with a mithril erection, every day, until I die of old age.

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Tell that to Constantinople.

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Constantinople fell because of schisms in the Western-Eastern Catholic-Orthodox relationship. People failed to recognize that the Muslims were the central threat and worth crushing the life out of.

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They'll be easy to kill when the time comes.

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Looks like the whole world is jumping on the bandwagon.

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https://archive.fo/JmoiD :

NewsAlert: Toronto shooting gunman identified by authorities as Faisal Hussain | National Post

'TORONTO — Ontario’s police watchdog has identified the man responsible for a shooting rampage in Toronto’s Greektown as Faisal Hussain. '

'The Special Investigations Unit says Hussain is a 29-year-old from Toronto. '

'Police have said he was found dead after exchanging fire with police during the shooting on Sunday night. '

'Two people were killed and 13 others injured in the incident. '

This has been an automated message.

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It's ok. Everyone relax. The Trudeau family was never in harms way. The plan will continue on schedule.

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Muslims will take over an two generations

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Islam IS mental illness. It's NO EXCUSE though.

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Of course it was a damn Muslim, could tell from his pic--His ignorant family says he was mentally ill, don't know of any mental illness that causes someone to gun down 14 random people including a helpless and defenseless 10 year old child--Toronto's most multicultural city of Muslims and Blacks now has 58 murders so far this year, compared to an average of 62 a year in the last ten years--At this rate, Toronto may have 100 murders this year--Toronto has now joined the other multicultural paradise, London, in equaling NYC's murder rate

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Remember when Toronto would go years with zero murders?

Good thing those days are over!

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"Diversity is our strength!"

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“Yeah, it used to be so plain and boring. Now there’s so much going on and so much to do.” -Leftists

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being a muslim is a mental illness.

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How so?

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“Don’t know of any mental illness that causes someone to gun down 14 random people...” wtf? It sounds like in order to be capable of doing that other human beings one would HAVE to be extremely sick of the mind.

I mean unless the fact that he is a Muslim is the focus then I can’t really see why this deranged fuck wouldn’t be classified as being a fucking nutbag. And just to make it clear I don’t think the fact that he is a sick bastard makes his actions any better. In fact I think it’s worse, people that far gone are no different than fucked up animals in my view and need to be put down at some point.

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Don't kid yourself. Perfectly sane people can kill hundreds. I know we all want to pretend that only the insane and deranged can kill, but that's simply not the case.

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