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I'm immediately suspicious whenever I see one of these posts trying to coax people into being totally unsupportive of those that are doing the most in the public eye to at least introduce the public to non-leftist ideas. It ends up someone points out how they're not perfect/what have you in some way, and appeals to a collective desire for purity to disavow them, every time. It's divide and conquer, either being done intentionally or witlessly on accident. No wonder there's so much difficulty organizing anything meaningful that will result in positive changes, so many are just stuck in resentment loops about any little thing that the focus ends up being on that instead of accomplishing what you want. So what if these two have Jewish ancestry? They seem to be helping.

There is controlled opposition out there but as far as I can tell, these two aren't acting like it.

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They don't name the jew. They try to make white people fight everyone, instead of jews. That is what controlled opposition does.

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Divide and conquer is working as intended

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Shill tactic #36, Identified - Purity Spiral - (Make them eat their own) Good Job.

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Lauren Simonsen is not one of us

[–] Atomized_Individual 5 points 7 points (+12|-5) ago 

It's the same couple of accounts on every post, calling people jewish constantly.

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It's exactly what I'm seeing with many of these comments that I was trying to point out. This obsession with the 'naming the jew' isn't helping. Yes, by all means let's point out the Zionist agenda. Let's state the facts about racial differences and get working on some sane solutions. Let's not generalize, let's be precise and name names, specific people and institutions that can with certainty be shown to acting the part of the enemy. Let's get it out clearly what's going on and if possible, do it in a way that doesn't sound hysterical to everyone else.

All this resentment looping everyone on the 'alt-right' as it's been termed does though, it's not helping. It's overdone. Denigrating people for their racial heritage, the generalized stereotypes, I get it, it's provocative, it was waking some people up by shocking them out of their amygdala-hijacked programming. But then where do they end up afterwards? How many end up bitter, angry, and ready to just go off looking crazy without any strategic sense of organization with others?

Good for the ones that turn that into motivation to become better people and go off to improve their local communities as well as they can. The rest though, we can't just leave them out in the storm. I see it day after day on voat, youtube comment sections, 8chan threads, and elsewhere. I understand why it's gotten like this and sympathize more than I'd care to admit in open company. But if we want to restore the west we need to focus on stopping the specific people and individuals that we can say for certain undermining our culture and people. We need to get past the resentment and purity-spiraling and really think about what we're all going to do. At the same time, we should quietly and industriously work to bring back wholesome and generate values to where we live, and if attacked for it, respond proportionally.

I have a feeling I'm too moderate and nonviolent in my intentions for a lot of people's tastes. Given how rightfully angry the state of things has made many of you, I don't blame you. I just hope I can convince a few at a time to step back and think carefully about what all is going on and what we're all acting out here, what other people who aren't awake yet see when the curiosity strikes them to see what we're talking about. Maybe that will make a difference eventually.

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This is fake news. "My family was protestant, and from Denmark" - Lauren Southern

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Her last name was also simonsen before it changed.

[–] Atomized_Individual 7 points 5 points (+12|-7) ago 

So? Do you guys get off on calling everyone jewish? She isn't.

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She never changed her name I understand it, the name change happened in her family in the past didn't it?

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Fuck off, Jew faggot - you aren't wanted here. Go back to fucking Israel where you belong....

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You are shilling for that kike like it's your job nigger.

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She probably pays a few to try and combat the truth out there about her. Jews do this shit

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What I learned in my short visit to the linked website:

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are Jews "leading the opposition." And Jews are funding the "Free Tommy Robinson" movement.

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Sounds like a typical trick, but what proof is there of this?

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Jews ALWAYS play both sides, thats why they set up teh false dichotomy. http://www.renegadetribune.com/pro-israel-think-tank-funds-tommy-robinsons-legal-costs/

Top 3 donors to Trump AND Hillary were also JEWS btw

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Another JIDF faggot. Die in a fucking oven, you filthy sub-human cousin-fucking Jew....

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What's "JIDF"?

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Jew dedicted.

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I dont believe this article.

All research on Laura Southerns life indicates that she is a white woman who fights for white people and is non-Jewish.

[–] Ban_Circumcision 7 points 4 points (+11|-7) ago 

Her last name was Simonsen. Look up her tweets in her own words. She believes the holohoax and is a civnat race mixing attention whore. She just parrots what men have said before. Also blames everyone EXCEPT Jews.

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What's your point? Not every German with a last name containing - burg is a Jew. You seem to have fallen into the same trap that leftists have. The Purity Spiral.

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Complete bullshit. Nice try, jew

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Yet another Jew fuck-wad hating on Lauren because she turned traitor against Jew filth. I fucking laugh at you, you inbred cock-sucking semen-sucking three-inch-dick loser....

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Do more research. It's a jew.

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From what I've seen, no she isn't.

Video revealing her DNA test results.

According to this:

A DNA test taken by Lauren stated that her genetic ancestry is:

98% Europe
68% Europe West
——–19% Scandinavia
——–10% Iberian Peninsula
1% Irish
<1% Great Britain
<1% Asia
<1% Asia South
<1% Pacific Islander
<1% Polynesia

I suppose it's within the realm of possibility that she falsified all that in order to protect her reputation and career, but I haven't seen evidence to support that.

Regarding the tweet about her grandparents escaping the Nazis, she clarified with this response:

Ffs, this obsession is insane. Never said they survived the holocaust. They had their trucking company seized for Nazi war efforts & left.

Seems to me that she worded the original tweet awkwardly, putting two related thoughts together in a way that creates unintended implications. Or she accidentally slipped up and walked back on that to hide the truth, I don't know. But her explanation stands to reason as I see it.

Am I wrong about any of this, or am I missing some evidence that would indicate otherwise?

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You're a jew, jew

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Oh for god's sake. Not everyone is Jewish.

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Most in entertainment are. Most of the biggest feminists have been jewess. Most of the biggest serial killers have been jews. Many of the school shooters have been jews.

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Chief rabbi of Denmark 1939 David Simonsen fled Denmark oy vey

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Leaders of the Alt-Right are from the same ethnic group leading Antifa. They both want the same thing:

Whites To Die..

Antifa wants to kill all whites because they judge them for being pedos/gay/faggots/druggies. The Alt-right want whites to die (be slaves) fighting in the middle east for Israel.

[–] Atomized_Individual 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

We're anti war. You must be new here

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no no.. we're anti war. Republicans / government is pro-war. See the difference? We're not in power.

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Shilling for that kike Lauren like it's your job nigger.


Also what is this we shit? I don't know who the fuck you are.

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You must be retarded. The left is pro pedos/gay/faggots/druggies.

The left sees whites as the dominant race and believes the lies that this dominance is the result of suppressing nonwhites. They think that by attacking the dominant race they are fighting the oppressors. They hate whites because they have been brainwashed.

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You don't get it, atkho does. I said left was pro pedo. Both sides will lead to whites being killed. It's a false choice.

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Fuck off JIDF, you have no power here.

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