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We aren't becoming a minority because the white population is declining.

We're becoming a minority because of deliberate genocide by importing millions and millions of nonwhites and subsidizing their stone-age breeding habits

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So why do conservatives oppose contraception and abortions for them?

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Cause they haven’t had it explained correctly. It lowers nigger numbers

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those are good goys

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I 've been saying the same thing for years. Margaret Sanger is my HERO. I want far left loons & their minority pets to have abortions till their uteruses fall out. Less parasites, less future demoRATs & fatherless thugs. WIN WIN !!

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we gave them free gibs for years tho

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The dumb pieces of shit still complain about racism even after that, so no

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When they take control it'll be in such shambles that gibs won't exist and they'll blame the white man for it.

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All groups that can distinguish themselves believe in survival of their group which is also dominance from the POV of other groups. Whites cucked out. Survival of the fittest. Can we make a comeback? Do whites even have a country after the global refuge invasions ?

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it seems daunting but there is hope. This is how, on my more positive days, i see it panning out.

Our numbers continue to decline and while our hopes continue to fade, there is no reason to fear. Yes, we will lose A LOT of our people, but a positive might be that we lose A LOT of the cucks. Any whites who cannot see what is happening at that point don't deserve our allegiance. At that point, we will completely hated and despised by both the new americans and their governments.. but this is the good point, it provides the opportunity to begin the final crusade, the new chapter in our battle, an opportunity to place ourselves among our founding fathers and heroes before us. It will be a battle that will be told for ages. And lets be honest, we will win.be it by insurgency, counterintel, or some wacho white guy comes up with a bio weapon that does the work for us, we will find a way, as we always have. in the meantime, prepare yourself, body, mind, and soul.

Either it will happen while I am of fighting age, and I will gladly take that torch. but if not, it is important to train your children with that mindset. not to hate and live in anger, but to be pragmatic and calculated.

regardless of what happens, i am not afraid.


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I remember that we treated non-white as equals, until the Jews demanded that they be treated a superiors and given advantages, and whites even went along with this -- now the non-whites are saying whites should be killed and everything whites worked for taken from them. That's the thanks you get for being a gentle Christian. Time for us to be militant Christians once more, as we were in the past. Time to take back what is ours.

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Funny how, when a country is threatened by domination by a foreign culture, there's always a smiling Christian hand to offer the same thing on a different platter.

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White people have given brown people every single thing they have. Without white people's generosity and kindness, black and brown people all over the world would be living in the stone age.

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If you take a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. That is the principle difference between a dog and a man.

Mark Twain

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What you don't realize is they still live in the stone age. Stone age behaviors, stone age brains, stone age society; but with cell phones and Timbs. All our "help" does is increase their numbers

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I bet there will be zero jews and niggers in the US by 2045

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That's a bold proclamation cotton

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Dude, I honestly believe civil war could break out within the next ten years or so. I think it will snowball into a major cleansing/bloodiest war ever fought. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong. You can rub my face in it if we're still alive and Voat still exists! haha

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Based on what?

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Bit torrent "The Turner Diaries." It is actually a good read, they should make a movie out of it.

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They'll just call Hispanic white to cover this up. They already call arab white.

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Mexican/jew Nikolas Cruz is listed as white to skew race violence rates: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2018/02/15/read-arrest-report-florida-shooting-suspect/0v9jUOd9LoEZrK73n7L2vM/story.html

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There must be about 90% 'whites' in america by these standards.

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Yeah, and the Moors thought they'd rule Spain forever too. War has a funny way of changing demographics.

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