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Most people who bike to work aren't carrying concealed.

9a.m. at a medical complex.

Double tapped from 2 blocks away (read distance in another article)

Turning around on one moving bike and double tapping a man on another moving bike from 2 blocks in front of him is some Jason Bourne shit.

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He had weapons of mass destruction on him. Totally had it coming.

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Two blocks? That's insane. Even a trained assassin wouldn't attempt that. Especially a trained assassin. How sure are they of it?

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Most people who bike to work aren't carrying concealed.

Most people who work in those hospitals aren't carrying concealed. They're almost all advertised disarmed victim zones. So not only do you know that practically everybody inside is unarmed and ripe for uncontested gunning down, almost everybody going to or from them are also unarmed. All the surrounding parking lots, garages, stores, etc, almost everyone will be able to do absolutely nothing to stop an armed attacker. And the police response time is closer to the order of an hour (they had a false alarm in one of the hospitals a couple of years ago, and it took over an hour for the cops to group up and start sweeping the building where someone thought they heard shots fired). Just about the only buildings that aren't advertised disarmed victim zones are the MD Anderson and Ben Taub buildings, owned by a division of the state, where it is illegal to prevent someone lawfully carrying a firearm from entering.

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Interestingly, like any other shooting that the media sensationalizes, the victim's family/friends detour away from the stages of grief and immediately start driving straight down Gun Control Avenue.

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From the comments I just read above, that sounds like excellent gun control.

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Haha you mean muzzle control

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I'm sure ol George has plenty of things of his own he doesn't want verified, and with the Grim Reaper breathing down his neck, he and his partners in crime are tying up loose ends.

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Lesson: stay away from people connected to the deep state.

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Fake news site is fake but if it did happen it's almost like that place is a crime ridden shithole. How about you use a real source faggot


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His death will probably be investigated by the same FBI agent that shot him.

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I guess Skull and Bones should get into the habit of recruiting a few more pre-med students at Yale.

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I am absolutely certain that there is no foul play here. A doctor was simply writing his bike in a very nice neighborhood and was shot. There’s no way it has anything to do with any kind of conspiracy. LOL ha ha Ha

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Dr. Mark Hausknecht – who treated former President George H.W. Bush years ago for an irregular heartbeat

More likely a disgruntled family member of a patient he failed to save. The Bush connection is pretty remote.

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Maybe, but seems strange. What is the area like?

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