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This is how we even the playing field and get back to a meritocracy. Use their own laws against them.

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It's either that or violence.

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Meritocracy is not an even playing field, though. People are not equal.

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Reminder: whites are a minority on this planet.

Niggers & Jews are the most racist race of all.

Why don't niggers build their utopia in Africa? Tech & Materials have never been better.. why not start today? Because niggers are parasites.

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Jews are parasites. The biggest parasites to ever exist.

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No gibs to pay for it all.

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REM*** niggars are parasites in a 21-st Century tek meritocracy because ... with median IQ=80 & no "long-tail" members they are just too stupid as-a-race to produce anything of value. No hardware no maths no foods no medicine ... Unproductive & undisciplined niggars either parasite or die out. I would help them .....

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Race wars now!

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I honestly think America is going to need to collapse in order for it to be taken back as a White country. I don't see any other way.

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Ethnostates of America

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Nothing will come of this. It will take a few more years but guaranteed people will look back at the present time with shame because of these policies.

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Cal Poly SLO ... in-the-day I lectured there. Smart, hard-working students. White as snow ... the sons and daughters of engineers ... design/build/test//market. Companies tried stealing our yet-to-graduate students. Wonder how the new Depts of Lax-Loathing & Gender-Bending work out ?

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White students should be able to sue.

Just like Cherokee Nation people should sue you lying motherfuckers for saying this:

“Plus, that would only open the door to a lot of fraud and other mischief,” he noted. “For example, I can visualize a lot of applicants with high cheekbones falsely claiming to be an American Indian in order to be admitted or gain acceptance, a la Elizabeth Warren.”

Would you go up to a person who looks white who states they have a half black parent and demand to see their DNA?

" gain acceptance"

Like its a fucking shock to you haters that other humans long for acceptance.