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Her time is coming. And she gets to see her empire of shit collapse just before satan calls her home.


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I love thinking about how she must be suffering in her mind because of the Supreme Court becoming a 6-3 then a 7-2 conservative majority in the next few years. Kagan & Sotomayor are going to feel pretty worthless when that happens which makes me all warm & fuzzy inside for their well deserved predicament of being totally insignificant.


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It depends if the conservatives are Zionists too


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She didn't retire during Obama's presidency because she thought Hillary was going to win. Now she's freaking out at the thought that Trump will have a chance at picking her replacement when she drops dead. This bitch won't retire now. They will have to drag her bones away from the seat before she let's Trump pick her replacement. Hopefully she dies soon.

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That old swamp hag who eats children thing.


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I think she already died and they just prop her up for the photo op.


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Weekend at Bernie's: Supreme Sequel


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"This summer: when a liberal Justice drops dead, her two colleagues will do anything to keep her on the bench!"


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Well everybody wants to see her take a dirtnap the sooner the better, and the south african model she opposes to the US consittution is a sick joke when you see what's happening today, jewish humour I guess

What's true though, is that, US constitution, isn't fit for muslim countries, I mean it's muslim countries, the whole mentality when it comes to people on the ground isn't freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, and shit, doesn't work like that

And let's not even put democracy on the table

Monarchy/caliphate is their model, I mean even if you threw a 1st amendment in every muslim majority country today, you would still get lynched by the mob for insulting their prophet or advocating for the wrong religion, it's like that, it's people on the ground that are like that, doesn't mean there's no tolerance in muslim countries, it's just that there's no tolerance whatsoever when it comes to certain things, religious mostly

Same deal ramadan, even if you aren't a muslim and eat in public during ramadan... It's not going to fly with the people on the ground, you'll likely run into trouble or face hostile behaviors

So, in a sense, ginsburg is right, but what I'm saying here isn't what she meant


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she's not exactly trashing it there in the vid. But she's certainly not fit to make serious decisions for the nation, given her obvious neurodegeneration that's gone on, judging from that video. She can barely string 3 words together and then has to take a pause to gather the next three words in her mind...holy shit


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Pray for #CadaverGinsberg to drop dead & give Lord Stud Balls a 3rd. SCOTUS pick.


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unfortunately this kike demon has access to enough Christian infant blood to sustain her for centuries.

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