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He killed his wives before they spilled the beans

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Holy shit. Adderall, Xanax, and fentanyl.

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Holy Beautiful

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After getting children from them....

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Pedo phobe hurts us all? No it hurts pedos. Which I find perfectly acceptable

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They're trying to make it socially unacceptable to remove the weeds strangling your garden.

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I think we should flay the child Fuckers and parade them for all their kind to see. Shaming does not hurt them one bit, now making them cower and live in fear? That’s how you keep them in line like the animals they are.

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These jews are right out in the open with it. They were depending on Hillary to win so they could push to legalise pedophilia. There is no doubts that pedophilia is normal jewish behavior. He always seemed like a creepy jew pedo to me

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It's part of their religion

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Of course there is no fucking doubt, their mouths water at a fucking 3 year and one day old infant. And for fucks sake it was obvious the soy filled impish Patton Oswalt was a damn child molester.

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There is no way pedophillia could be legalised..

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The legal age of consent in France is now 12 years old. Getting pretty damn close.

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How exactly can this be misunderstood as a 'joke'? Because the guy is a comedian? He's spreading pro-pedo culture.

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"kids will say Yes! to rape if you beat them enough. Then it's all consensual." Come on guys, it's a joke. I'm a comedian.

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You don't even need to do that. One of the most horrific interviews I've ever heard was with a local police investigator here who was heading up some special initiative to catch child molesters a few years ago.

The interview veered into the effects on the officers tasked with watching and cataloging the evidence and the mental problems some of them develop as a result. The officer mentioned that some of the worst videos he saw, apart from the particularly brutal ones were those where the children were happy and active participants in the molestation. They were seemingly enjoying themselves without any understanding of the actual long-term psychological harm that was being done to them because they were not emotionally mature enough to handle that sort of intimate relationship.

It was a chilling thing to hear, honestly, and it made me really sympathize with the investigators in these cases. They go through some shit day in and day out.

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This sick fuck killed his wife. Can't wait to see him squirm.

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Wait, what!?

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Is this that new "Name the Jew" sub?

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Are you dumb? It's a joke about "pedo" in pedophilia. It's a play on words.

If you freaked out about Rosanne being unfairly targeted for a joke the left considered in bad taste, it's hypocritical to now freak out about Oswalt making a joke you feel is in bad taste.

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On the other hand, you could say it’s holding he left to their own standards. They’ll destroy you in a heartbeat regardless of context if they get triggered by your speech. I don’t mind giving a politically vocal left wing comedian a taste of their own medicine.

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Did James Gunn ever try to do this to anyone? Is it retribution and karma, or is it painting people with a broad brush to justify changing one's principles based on the targeted person?

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This is so cringy I want to cry. "I don't get this joke, let's burn him!"
@Dirty_Money, @lemon11: @KnightsofHubris explains it nicely here.

The joke is not, "I'm a pedo, lol." The joke is how "ped" is a word root that means "foot" or "child." For example:
Pedestrian- foot
Pediatrician- child.

I know you guys will still foam at the mouth, but you will get dragged over the coals for this. It's not the same as repeatedly saying how much you like kids and rape. (James Gunn)

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Every day Voaters also make jokes just as bad as what they're accusing Oswalt of saying.

Don't be hypocrites

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Yeah, it seems that with the full context, the line "I am a proud pedophile", is part of a longer joke. Twitter doesn't do well to help with context.

Now, if he is a pedophile besides telling a bad joke, that is another story, but right now this instance (and the last instances, as it was brought up before) was just a joke that not only went over peoples' heads but was unintentionally / intentionally selected edited.

Just like for anyone accusing of writing an offensive or bad tweet, the previous tweets and the post tweets are important to judge an individual tweet and determine if it stands alone, or is part of a group of tweets.

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I'm foaming because I called the joke incoherent and his career the real joke? Oh, hi, Patton.

Edit: The new MST3k sucks, btw.

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Saying someone looks like a planet of the apes character isn't quite the same as joking that you proudly rape children.

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That wasn't his joke

And you're making an argument based on how offended someone is by what they hear.

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I might be too drunk, but I don't get it. I mean, I get that the "ped" root is for feet. I just can't put the pieces together in my head. And I think that's why everybody here and in that twitter thread are acting like this. It's not just that they just don't get it, it's that nobody sees what there is to get.

Judging by his comedy career, assuming there's nothing to get wouldn't be unwarranted.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. It's either a completely poorly constructed joke and it speaks volumes of his comedy career, or we go with the other option is that he's supporting pedophilia.

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And that's ends his new show before it begins.

EDIT: My bad. It has a full season up.

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