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I see the shills have already posted their useless and completely irrational theories... He's a heart doctor, what else could it be but a history of undisclosed heart transplants with "donor" hearts that looked too young and perfect to have come from legitimate means. The guy probably started asking too many questions about where they sourced the hearts and other organs... he's a doctor so he'd know how hard it is to get them. The human trafficking isn't just for fucking, a lot of it is spare parts for the pedo elite. Just look at the Jews that got busted not long ago for organ trafficking. I'm sure they're walking free already with official apologies and compensation but the point is we've identified there is a network, there are sellers, and buyers... and the smart steady hands needed to install them can't always be trusted to keep their mouth shut.

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Because they go to their doctors regularly and follow their advice? Because they get $10,000 scans to find cancers when they are small and easy to cure?

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Good point. I would also speculate he was in GHW's pedophile circle and the elites are freaking out right now. Notice how Hellishwood and other high-profile people are desperately trying to normalize it. Then Clinton News Network can obsess about pedophilia gone mainstream.

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He probably wouldn't provide the biker nuts with roids or fentanyl upon demand.

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You know what? That makes so much more sense than that tin foil hat shit I was spewing earlier.