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I see the shills have already posted their useless and completely irrational theories... He's a heart doctor, what else could it be but a history of undisclosed heart transplants with "donor" hearts that looked too young and perfect to have come from legitimate means. The guy probably started asking too many questions about where they sourced the hearts and other organs... he's a doctor so he'd know how hard it is to get them. The human trafficking isn't just for fucking, a lot of it is spare parts for the pedo elite. Just look at the Jews that got busted not long ago for organ trafficking. I'm sure they're walking free already with official apologies and compensation but the point is we've identified there is a network, there are sellers, and buyers... and the smart steady hands needed to install them can't always be trusted to keep their mouth shut.

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Because they go to their doctors regularly and follow their advice? Because they get $10,000 scans to find cancers when they are small and easy to cure?

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Good point. I would also speculate he was in GHW's pedophile circle and the elites are freaking out right now. Notice how Hellishwood and other high-profile people are desperately trying to normalize it. Then Clinton News Network can obsess about pedophilia gone mainstream.

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He probably wouldn't provide the biker nuts with roids or fentanyl upon demand.

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You know what? That makes so much more sense than that tin foil hat shit I was spewing earlier.

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This murder was a message to others... clearly a hit.

Probably has to do with trafficking in body parts...

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I agree 100%, that is why they are proudly disclosing the details of the hit.

If I was on that Dr.'s team, I would be packing for Greenland right now.

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killed Friday morning in a bicycle-to-bicycle drive-by shooting

That sounds completely normal.

Hausknecht, 65, was biking north when he passed the shooter going in the other direction, Finner said. The shooter turned, fired two shots at Hausknecht and rode away on his bike.

Sure why not. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time.

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Sounds like the kind of thing that happens in a spy movie that makes you say "there's no way they would do that, because that would make it obvious spies did this."

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This is the exact comment i made to my friend.. glad someone else was thinking the same thing.

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Yeah when I read the title I assumed he was vacationing in some Brazilian or SE Asian shithole

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Honestly, the med center is so close to third ward (where the underachieving drones who live there often ride a bike because they can't afford a car, maintenance, or insurance but find bicycles easy to regularly steal) that it is believable that it could be random. Most other places, I wouldn't think there is even a possibility of it being random - but in this case there's at least a chance of it.

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I wonder what he knew.

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The elder Bush probably phased back into a 5th dimensional reptilian during an exam.

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Maybe a non-willing donor was involved in a recent transplant, supplemented by baby blood

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Their organs come from clones in Antarctica. Look it up

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Bush probably detailed his involvement in the JFK assassination to him while under sedation.

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That's what I'm thinking. The hidden were afraid that maybe Bush did divulge some info.

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2 questions.

  1. Why is this shit always so blatant and so common?

  2. Why does nobody believe us?

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Dude, people are literally fucking brainwashed. It’s fucking nuts.

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It is weird. The people who I tell who know me still look at me crazy. It's becoming harder and harder to ignore me as of late though

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About to disclose that Bush has no heart.

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No question it was a hit. The killer just happened to be at the good doctor's workplace. Here's my thought: John Brennan (with his continuing security clearance) leaked some helpful information about the doctor's schedule etc.

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I mean, really. There are only three possibilities here:

  1. Completely random - like gang initiation or something. Never heard of gangs using bikes though.

  2. A warning to the pedo-elite. Something to scare them into the understanding that even their doctors aren't safe.

  3. A coverup to something that the doc knew that could be incriminating to the Bush or other families.

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Gangs actually do use bikes in many cities, like Charleston SC, where the roads are so congested that it's easy to escape a police cruiser on one. What gangs don't often do is kill random civilians. If you wanted into the Crips, they would tell you to go smoke some Bloods, and vice versa. You get a lot more street cred for waxing a rival gang member than you do some elderly doctor. This is still extremely suspicious.

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A coverup to something that the doc knew that could be incriminating to the Bush or other families.

This is probably it. Families of that wealth would find it easy to buy organs on the black market. If the doctor starts getting nosy, whacking him would be the easiest was to ensure a crisis of conscience doesn't out them.

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Completely random - like gang initiation or something. Never heard of gangs using bikes though.

It's right by third ward and south lawn/south park. There are plenty of gangs "next door" and tons of people ride bicycles because they won't put enough effort into life to achieve much more than stealing bikes.

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