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Reddit's post on the subject has already been locked to no ones surprise.

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Can't have people openly learning about black on white violence--which constitutes the vast majority of interracial crime, including racially motivated crime, despite blacks being just a small percentage of the population compared to whites.

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(This should be national news for a few days, and if the races were reversed it would be. Instead the Kikes do the minimum and report it locally.)

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Those were just teens though, not black teens.

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They did say afucan americans

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This is a black on white hate crime. Jew MSM refuses to talk about it. You need to talk about black on white hate crimes with your friends family and coworkers because the news will not.

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Need fact meme from criminal database.

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Niggers can't commit hate crimes unless the victim is a fag, tranny, or jew.

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False, stop spreading jew lies you dirty jew.

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dont talk about this shit at work, us whites need our jobs to support our families. lest we become like the nogs..

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Go figure it’s a nigger

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group of teens. you know

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"What police found unusual was the attack had no apparent motive"

Yeah right, I'm sure they're all scratching their heads wondering how something like this could ever happen. Unprovoked attacks by blacks on whites and the attempts to explain them as something else is business as usual.

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Niggers being niggers.

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Best gag line in the entire story:

"You would think being closer to the (Berkeley) Police department it would be safer". hahahahahaha...that is stand up comedy, right there! Bammmm!

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If you walk on any MLK boulevard in any city late at night by yourself, you're kinda stupid.

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"You can be anywhere in America, but if you're on Matrin Luther King Boulevard, there's violence going down." -The Gospel according to Chris Rock

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What's stupid is allowing a handful of niggers to make our streets unsafe for our elderly.

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It's way more than a handful, it's a cityful

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You would think itd happen anywhere... ehm no. It actually doesn't happen where the population of blacks is low to non-existent.

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across the street from the police department, on the northwest corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way

I think I've cleverly spotted the problem.

“Now what’s Martin Luther King? A street. And I don’t give a fuck where you are in America, if you on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.” --Chris Rock

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