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They should probably stop screwing themselves. "Yes, the value of my services is roughly nil, so I will willingly labor for you in exchange for a pittance."

Anyone who isn't an inexperienced kid, a moron, or broken in some way can easily go out and make hundreds of dollars per hour, if not much much more.


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Let me know how. Am broke student.


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Can't give specifics, because everything depends on your personality type, your skills and abilities, and your drive to succeed. And I'm not necessarily the 'instructor' type... Start paying attention to business. How do they work? How are they generating profits? What exactly are they doing? What are they actually doing, versus what they claim to be doing?

Talk to business people. Learn how to draw them out. Assuming student = young, older people in business sometimes sympathize with what they perceive as "their younger counterpart". Ask questions. Ask for advice. <=== Learn how to do those effectively.

This is unlikely to be common, but I bought my first business for $1 from an owner I'd been buying from and talking to for several years. (fully stocked store with $800 in the cash register) He wanted out after getting it back from his failed employee ownership, and I came to mind... Was pretty much a "take this off my hands please" situation, since it was rather trashed, but it just needed some repairs. "Muh springboard..."

There are a million details I'm leaving out... Set your goals, then start moving in that direction as best as you can. Read, research, talk to people, make deals, and keep moving toward your goal. Send me a check for $10K when you get there. (my consulting fee at one point along the way.) But start now. It's not the way to be complacent and comfortable, but if you have the drive to succeed, you'll succeed.

You can see why I never wrote copy. But to sum it up, I'd say to go start trying business stuff. Learn as much as you can as you go along. Know you'll probably fail a couple times, but keep persevering. If being in business is not for you, remember that you can alway fall back on being someones paid servant. (employee)