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It will do terrible, and everyone will blame misogynist trolls.

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Hammer meet nail. We got a winner

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Unless it’s on Pornhub. Then, it may fare better.

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The comic is generally pretty good. Batwoman is willing to team up with a lot of Batman's more misunderstood rouge's gallery, like Clayface. It could make a good show if the writers don't fuck it up.

What a lot of people don't really get though is, the fan base for the TV shows aren't basement dwelling nerds, like you'd expect. The demographic is overwhelmingly female for these shows. Seriously, go on YouTube and look up a Q&A panel for any comic convention for these shows, you won't see a single male standing in line to ask a question.

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A show about a Jewish lesbian SJW working begging for really shitty jobs might catch on.