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fat people with face tattoos are always degenerates

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I like face tattoos cause it makes spotting morons easy. Encourage face tattoos even amongst your own family for the good of the community. If they’re dumb enough to think it’s a good idea then we don’t need them

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They should have converted to Islam. Then prosecuting them would be a hate crime.

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The papers certainly have no problem showing their faces. Any other asian pedophile identity would be hidden.

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In england, literally.

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This is what happens when adoptions are volunteer positions rather than random selection drafted positions. It's called adverse selection and it's why all republics are corrupt.

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is that Eeyore on his cheek?

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White people, right?

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What are we up to,1400 to 3? So I suppose we're even

White people are a danger to the civilizations white men built.

All the reason to invite more Paki rapists, goyim.

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In 1989 a girl was victimized. This story is far too common in England. When the ball keeps being dropped for so long and no penalty is called it looks like the ref. is on the take.

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