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The secret to appeasing most environmentalists is to gently whisper sweet nothings in their ear until you can get that dick slid ever so gently deep up into their ass.

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Or donate.

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"Green" does not mean "ecology" to corporations, it means money. So, when you buy a "green" product you're simply paying more for less product. Sometimes you get lucky and it's actually a more environmentally friendly product. Of course, Starbucks cups are not one of those because with Jews, you lose.

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Post consumer waste recycling uses more energy (the dreaded carbons), than creating new.

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Green has nothing to do with the environment, it's all about selling more new shit you don't need.

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The only thing that would actually help the environment is to exterminate billions of subhumans that are only consuming resources and preventing us from advancing and colonizing other planets, as well as enabling kikes to profit and get revenge on normal people.

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I thought the reason people have a bug up their ass about straws is that the thin plastic can't be recycled.

If this thing uses a bit more mass but can be recycle, it would be a valid solution to the complaint.

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Or just make it biodegradeable and carry on as before. I don't see why this is much of an issue. I've seen straws made out of some sort of oddball algae-film that was as cheap as any other plastic straw and the only tell-tale difference was that it was marginally stiffer.

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Plastic recycling isn't energy efficient so there's a lot of pollution that comes from the process, that's if you wind up with it in the recyclables where almost no starbucks lids, you can imagine, actually end up. I would think using more plastic is a bigger problem than straws.

What you get with this is optics. I'm sure they could have made lids that used the same amount of plastic as before. But marketing likely got in the way.

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That's how most single stream recycling works. It get sorted and sent though an industrial washer, then chopped into tiny chips that can be added to raw material.

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The whole cup is literally made of plastic. How can anyone even pretend to take this crap seriously?

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It's like they never knew that paper (naturally biodegradable) coffee cups exist. 🤤

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When I got a straw at a coffee shop a dirty hippie told me "hey, those things get stuck in the noses of seals".

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That's why I just toss mine in the trash. No seals at the landfill.

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You solved the problem and so did I, all without even realising the plight of the seals.

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Same deal with six-pack plastic rings and seagulls getting trapped and strangled by them. That doesn't happen if you don't throw your shit in the ocean.

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The same seals the Canadians take their clubs and hammer the fuck out of? Right?

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That's called: "going clubbing"

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I would have told him to get his facts straight. They pulled a straw out of a turtles nose. Then tell him to bend over and I'd turn him into a seal!

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Now i feel so much better about driving my 10mpg SUV 5 miles to the coffee place.

The beans came half way around the world on a ship that pollutes more than 1 million cars.

But thank god we banned straws!

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You could always buy a straw at the dollar store on your way, but you have to buy like 100 of them. Just throw the rest away.

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They’re not environmentalists. They’re the opposite.

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The plastic straws end up in the ocean and fish inhale them. The plastic lids must be harder to accidently breathe lol

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Fish can breathe underwater they sure as hell can breathe through a straw

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Only faggots use a straw anyway. It's like chasing a dick around your glass

proof of straw problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wH878t78bw

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