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He did everything but name the Jew. But hey, he's closer to the mark than any of them so far. In fact, he's nailing it pretty hard.

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Cucker pissed me off last night. Cmon dude, youre going to run down a list of countries influencing our election and you leave off Israel. He is still the best on cable news.

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My thoughts exactly

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It doesn't sound like much compared to what the audience here is used to

But think of it from a normie stand point, what he just said here is massive, he explicitly accused the ruling class and the so called "intelligence community" to be hell bent on destroying "democracy" in this country for a quick buck and who knows what else

I mean, that's bordering on alex jones type of shit, conspiracy theorists were right and all that, it's not nothing

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He looked as pissed as I've ever seen him. Elite globalists is a pretty good description. However it's the whole subversive communist element as well that are not elites but might as well be.

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Well, he works for a jew--Rupert Murdoch's mama was a jew, so that makes Rupert a jew. He's gone about as far as he can and still keep his job.

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Name the Jew, Tucker.

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As much as I want him to, it serves us better if he sticks with 'globalists' like Jones and lets the rest of us fill in the blanks; both for continuation and for those that are scared to say it themselves

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mentions China and Saudis subverting our politics, not one mention of isreal.

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Perhaps that's next. Broward is Jew/Communist

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Isn't it time to have miltary snipers take out the domestic problems? They're the biggest threat to national security.

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That's probably what (((they))) are saying about Trump and his supporters.

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Proving how crazy they are yet again. Trump has the military. Not them. Hahaha

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Video is not available...

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Can't cuck the Tuck

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Wow. That's about as good as it gets.

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He dodged the JQ but in his position who wouldn't? Suicide is never the answer.

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He forgot about Israel..

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