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And just like with everything else it took a team of white people to tame, wrangle, and direct the savage sub-saharans and bring them to victory. Without the white coaches they wouldn't have made it very far. Kek, Daily Show nig has too low of an IQ to understand he's unwittingly promoting this concept.


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You forgot the most important part, the white mans money that paid for it all. Everything from the water they drank at practice to the stadiums they play in.


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It's actually way more expensive than you might think.


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Kind of bullshit, because black players in America are largely coached by black coaches in basketball and beat white and black teams from around the world with white coaches.

I think it's a better diet combined with more stability and more economic prosperity. That could be where white people play a key role, but don't discredit their athletic abilities, probably needed to have a better chance of hunting and escaping some of the world's deadliest predators.

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Escape I'll give you, but hunting? :DDDDD