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Right. So they're African, not French. They need to get to their African homes and live there then.

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Yeah. At first i was all like, what is the news..? That trevor noah told the truth? Is that really newsworthy?

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Noah is so woke, admitting that non-white in white countries can never be deemed French, Americans, Brit, Italian, etc.

I'd love it if the left was pushing that.

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They don't lo French to me either. Refugees maybe?

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None of them ever said they weren't proud to be French.

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Yup, they love France so much they want it all for themselves.

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Africans destroyed several French cities after the win too, so cool.

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One could argue that Africans destroyed France before the win too, so... cool?

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make it a bit more homely for them

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And just like with everything else it took a team of white people to tame, wrangle, and direct the savage sub-saharans and bring them to victory. Without the white coaches they wouldn't have made it very far. Kek, Daily Show nig has too low of an IQ to understand he's unwittingly promoting this concept.

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You forgot the most important part, the white mans money that paid for it all. Everything from the water they drank at practice to the stadiums they play in.

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It's actually way more expensive than you might think.

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Kind of bullshit, because black players in America are largely coached by black coaches in basketball and beat white and black teams from around the world with white coaches.

I think it's a better diet combined with more stability and more economic prosperity. That could be where white people play a key role, but don't discredit their athletic abilities, probably needed to have a better chance of hunting and escaping some of the world's deadliest predators.

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Escape I'll give you, but hunting? :DDDDD

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Looks to me the nigs did.

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Nigs Win = Powerful Kangs / Nigs Fail = Oppressed by Whitey

[–] puggy 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Yes yes, that is liberalism in a nutshell

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Imagine if the evil white man in the referee's uniform did not give them the penalty for handball that put them 2-1 up! Racist! Oppressor! Colonizer!

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Carribeans, Arabs, Negroids the rest of these island nations still attached imperial Empire les Empire colonial français, there are some Whites on the Team but France has been niggering and getting more Arab on itself since the mid-1900s. it was a former Empire of France of millions of millions vs a tiny Nation... also in France they rioted, looted, murdered and burned each other after winning https://kek.gg/i/7-pwkt.png while Croatia which came second place had civilized orderly celebrations... average French probably hate sports https://kek.gg/i/5FBy2R.png the celebration? 845 cars burned, 508 detentions, shopping mall plundered, etc. Ex-Croatian Football Manager post , France = SHITHOLE country? https://kek.gg/i/7V34Mp.png France's team looks ridiculously not French

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If they're so good, why didn't any Africans nations win?

Hint: no white coach on the African teams.

[–] Saufsoldat 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Hint: no white coach on the African teams.

The Nigerian coach was a German, Moroccon coach was French. Tunisia and Egypt had arab coaches.

Senegal was the only team in the cup that had a black coach.

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I was talking out my ass. I stand corrected.

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That and all of the best niggers leave Africa to play in Europe, where they get citizenship in those cucked countries, and play for their adopted national teams. Being good at niggerball is a golden ticket for them. Very few of those niggers want to stay in Africa. Money and white women trump any kind of national pride for a nigger.

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When does that ever happen?

Of the 12 black or mixed black players in the French team, 10 were born in France, the other two came to France when they were two years old and obtained citizenship long before being recognized as talents.

This is fake news as always.

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Everybody leaves if they can.

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And yet no one sees the hypocrisy in this.

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"So give us your country bigots, because Muh Sports!"

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That guy is actually a mix breed from s.africa. why would he want to leave the rainbow nation to live in racist America?

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In South Africa those who are mixed ethnicity actually get along really well with the white population. Just Trevor Noah decided to betray his nation and his people, for a pay cheque and a lifelong commitment to leftism.

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Just 2 more generations from the beginning of the white genocide in France, Just live Trevor's home county, South Africa. The same place Obama is preaching his divisive politics today.

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You'd think the French of all people would have learned from Haiti, but nope. Surround yourself with nogs and get slaughtered when they decide to blame you for all of the problems that start showing up because nog culture.

It's okay French women and children - if you agree to let them rape you the rest of your life you might just live as long as you're still sexually appealing. Then they'll kill you regardless.

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OH now its the africans, but when somone else brings up how the national team is anything but national the butthurt is off the charts.

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If one of them raped a girl, the news would call him a "French man."

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