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You are missing a big big aspect of this.. i never said one time dont enforce the border.. im saying the proposed wall will not do what yall intend it to do.. of course in major areas cities etc we need a fence even a wall a big wall, but building a wall the length of the texas border is not reasonable and will not get the returns you want.. drones with infered night vision, more patrols sensors out there that can detect human movement and send in drones etc... could maybe work and would help.. the other countries you are talkign about are tiny in comparason and wd havd this huge issue of mexico being dirt poor and us being super rich which makes the problem worse.. stop funding the jews in the middle east and stop the drug war and help mexico fix its problems then mexicans will have less of a reason to come here.. name a border that is like mexico and america in size and economic disparity

Not comparably the size and amount of traffic moving back and forth on a daily basis.. if you have not lived on a border town it is hard to understand what it is like.