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Well, I used to agree... But actually walls in other parts of the world have worked well.

NOW, would an AMERICAN wall I think they would know they won't be shot for approaching it. So again we still might both be right. However, there ARE examples of walls working VERY WELL. Isreal...North Korea... One in Europe worked really well too.. I cant remember the country though. And i mean a recent one not Berlin wall which would also be a good fairly recent example.

That said... I didn't like Mitt Romney. Dude made a good point. Just start arresting hiring managers/landlords of illegals. Also start fining the OWNERS of businesses stupid enough to not catch a hiring manger hiring illegals before the state does. And that will solve the illegal immigration problem.

No job, no place to stay. They will self deport. Or turn themselves in begging to be sent home.

so yah...trumps wall is a red herring. Not to mention the fucker threw in an obvious poison pill. "Mexico will pay for it"... Either he was a fucking idiot which is a real possibility. Or...he drastically underestimated how that would be recieved by mexican mexican is going to allow any politican who agrees to that to be re elected.

So when it comes to the wall...Trump fucked it up either by being in on it failing or at BEST being a fucking idiot.