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You mean becoming another arm of the DNC with the hiring of Obama and Rice didn't do for Netflix what it did for CNN and NBC? Oh wait, it did exactly what it did for them! Oh well, Soros will send a check for you to keep churning out the propaganda. I am sure the July 4th star spangled salute to abortion really helped draw in the viewers.

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I canceled right after that news was posted here on Voat. I have had a Netflix account for a long time but had no trouble parting ways after they became the deviant behavior service.

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I am sure the July 4th star spangled salute to abortion really helped draw in the viewers.

What did they do? I cancelled back in the dear white people days and didn't hear about this.

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The DISGUSTING, ugly, unfunny "comedian" that did the nasty roast of President Trump at the press dinner was hired by Netflix and did a special on the 4th in which she celebrated abortion! No, not kidding... Trust me you don't want to see it or give it clicks - read summary below: https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/craig-bannister/netflix-airs-salute-abortion-host-declares-god-bless-abortions

On Sunday, Netflix aired a “Salute to Abortion,” hosted by “comedian” Michelle Wolf, who closed the segment with a star-spangled, flag-waving, drum corps declaration: “God bless abortion!”

On her weekly Netflix program, “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” Wolf used Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announced retirement to tout abortion rights and demean pro-life Americans, with “jokes” like:

“And, I know, some people call themselves ‘pro-life’- but, ‘pro-life' is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice cream and handsome testicles.”

Wolf closed by marching out on stage in a majorette’s costume, accompanied by a drum corps, and a huge banner reading, “The Break’s 10th Annual Salute to Abortion.” She then threw confetti after each of the following declarations:

“Abortion, I salute you!

“Women, if you need an abortion, get one!

“If you want an abortion, get one!

“If you’re not pregnant but you think you eventually might be and want to order a future abortion, get one!

“If you’re pregnant and you want to be pregnant, don’t get one!

“It’s up to you, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s actually a great deal. It’s about $300 – that’s like six movie tickets. Movie tickets: a big deal!

“And women, don’t forget: you have the power to give life and men will try to control that – don’t let them!

“God bless abortions and God bless America!”

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Hired Obama and rice...?

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May 21, 2018 WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama formally announced on Monday a multiyear production deal with Netflix in which he and the former first lady, Michelle Obama, will produce television shows and films for the streaming service.

Mar 28, 2018 - Netflix appointed Susan Rice, former U.S. national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations during the Obama administration, to its board of directors

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Maybe people don’t want to watch their democrat/pedo/satanist shit.

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Or get random gay pornography in the middle of a action series.

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Does it really do that? I noticed BING started putting up random gay pornography in my porn search results a few months ago. a search of "big tits see through nightie" will turn up random, sickening, photos of fags sucking dick. I think that is part of their efforts - to desensitize us to it. If so, it doesn't work. It sickens me and angers me instead. I no longer use bing because of it.

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Do people really think that cuckold is the norm? How the hell will you pass your genes on if some other guy is fucking your woman, it means no sense from a biological standpoint.

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You just fuck some other guys woman, duh

These things werent made to make sense haha

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I unsubscribed from Netflix a few years ago now when they began paying for highly left-wing comedy specials. In particular, a lot of comedy specials with terrible female comedians. I saw which way the wind was blowing and bailed so as not to fund my political opposition, since that's clearly what Netflix wanted to do with the money I was giving them.

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I never paid them. I just torrent what I want.

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I find there's less stuff I'm even willing to pirate these days. It's almost all leftist garbage. They're incapable of creating anything other than propaganda.

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i just unsubscribed. I just realized last time i watched something was like 3 months ago. I'm ashamed i've lasted this long.

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Thank you.

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I, too, unsubscribed after I realized that every time I tried to watch it, I would spend 1/2 hour trying to find something, anything, any ol' little thing that had some substance, something without some depraved, blood, zombie horror nonsense. I was so happy to call them, cancel my credit card and account and say, I want nothing more to do with you people. Ever. They didn't seem to care!

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Thank God and the people that won't do Netflix. I really want them gone and they won't be gone if people watch that shit.

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Great news, fuck Soros

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What's mind boggling is that people are paying Soros without knowing it.

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And his tiny ownership percentage!!

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Well i guess this is where we see Netflix take the typical SJW / Liberal route and stab a crap load of holes into their own boat. Complain that sinking is due to toxic masculinity / a vast right wing conspiracy. Double down on their failing tactics in the vain hope that virtue signalling and echo chambers suddenly can produce revenue. Before finally running to the Govt for subsidisation and spending the rest of their empty existance screaming into a dead echo chamber.... you know, like the msm / legacy media.

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They don't have enough decent content to justify keeping a permanent subscription. I just subscribe for a month, binge watch whatever looks decent and then cancel. Same with HBO Now.

Looking over all the squishy "new messaging" reboots they're doing I may not even bother throwing them a one month bone this year.

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I just torrent everything.

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Yes, so do I . . .

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I like the various free months trials. I plan on using that when the next seasons of Sunny in Philadelphia and Grand tour are out.

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I am doing this with Amazon prime. Every third month I will sign up for a month and order all the shit I want and binge watch the video service and then cancel again.

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I think a lot of accounts do this, if they are smart. People are busier during the summer, so maybe some will cancel for a few months and resubscribe in the fall, maybe because of kids or whatever.

It's not like back in the cable TV days where would make it very difficult to drop service.

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