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...and in the same time, they both praise Israel. I've no idea what to think anymore.

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Ummm...you gotta love those US and Russian flags together.

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All I see is he said.. she said.. It's all hearsay. Putin says Bill Browder is guilty of tax evasion in both Russia and the USA, gave $400,000,000 to Hillary Clinton, and the suspicion abounds. Bill Browder on the other hand, says that Putin is a war criminal and that Trump should not meet with him.

So pick your poison. Who's more reliable? A man accused of tax evasion, or a man accused of being a war criminal?

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Good rule of thumb is to follow the money. Who benefitted besides Bill's wife? Browder? Putin? Both?

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The private sector dismantled the state. Agencies that were set up to protect the people are no longer functioning. The food is poison, healthcare nonexistent, family values erased. The US government is full traitors serving the elites.

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In my universe, the Jews control everything. If they are Jews or affiliated with them, then they are like everyone else. SO... I will happily take these two over say May and Hillary

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Ya go after that cunt (((Browder))), extradite him to USA(don't let him run to israel) hold him in custody until his guilt has been proven and a sentence given, then extrdite him to Russia for the rest of his life.

Also confiscate every penny of his stolen loot and give it back to Russia.

Fuck israel, they are only being polite

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At this point if this doen't stick I would anticipate that the globalist's next move would be an assassination attempt on Trump or they give up any pretense of democracy and stage a coup to install one of their guys as a puppet ruler

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Since they're stark raving mad, I'll guess the second option is one they'd choose. Even knowing the military and at least 70 million people with guns will come for them. It's their best option to avoid the rest of their lives which aren't worth shit now.

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How do we know this hasn't been attempted already? Maybe even before the election? Trump surrounds himself with military. Let's hope it protects itself from that depth of corruption.

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A Putin 'Pants On Fire' lie


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oh, well if politifact says it's not true then it must not be true