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this guy is almost woke, but he swallowed the "pedophile gang" jew-narrative.

of course the shill Tommy Robinson is 100% about using a multi-racial civic-nationalist group and make it about religion instead with Our Greatest Ally serving as our indispensable proxy against the muuuuslims oy vey.


  1. Be Jewish in UK

  2. Relentlessly push unconscionable sexual degeneracy until girls attach zero value to sex

  3. Import millions of young pussy-starved males

  4. When the teen sex you brought about results in prostitution rackets, relabel it "pedophilia"/"Muslim child-rape gangs"

  5. Manipulate conservatives by blaming (((Leftist))) political correctness; compound sensationalism by breaking press style-guide by emphasizing that whites are victims of nonwhites, to starkly contrast it with govt prosecuting mere tweets about Muslims

  6. Set up controlled opposition to distract from what you've done

  7. Amidst huge debate over online censorship, pre-empt the boiling-over by making your shill the Free Speech Martyr of the Our Time even as you jail 90-y.o. grammas for questioning the gorillion

  8. Watch the chaos unfold from the shadows, apply cream liberally.


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Great overview. I don't know who would downvote this, other than a jew.


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mad_saxon = Mohhamaden.

28 days on Voat and this Jihadist can no longer sit down from all of his ass-kickings.