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wasnt this the bridge designed by women, after reading that whole fucking article not a damn thing about that was mentioned

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Not only a woman, but also a low-IQ shitskin barbarian minority hire.

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"Diversity is our strength" said no bridge ever.

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Was it? I hadn't realized all that.

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Yes diversity over ability.

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Don't let the jew slip away. We know they were in the background

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Two-thousand year old Roman bridge.

Feminist bridge aborted before it was even born.

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They used to have the architect stand under the bridge when it's opened. Bad architects tended not to last very long.

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it was a feminist bridge or wtfever... i know i saw with my own eyes some shits but someone who read more shit than me about that especially told me that a shitload of coverups were made after that to hide all those declarations and shit.... this women success was burried to oblivion...

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Severe failure cannot be associated publicly with Feminism- that blame must solely be placed on the object of Feminist disdain called Man.

Since the vast majority of engineers are men it perfectly suits the Feminist narrative to go gender neutral in the face of disaster- men will be associated with a tragedy created by noxious cunts who will likely skate on to the next impending engineering failure having learned nothing due to the vacuum of accountability.

Science and math have no business being fucking diverse for diversity's sake. Period.

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The design uber-firm "Figg" is a ...

company with a SJW CEO named "Linda Figg"!

Figg in recent years is now run by founders daughter Linda Figg. She works out of the same office her dad once worked in.

She deliberately wanted to partner up with Munilla Construction Management (MCM) and shove more women in.

Almost all the engineers and the contracting team leaders were DICKLESS WONDERS!

All three parties were heavily female managed, and consumed millions in Fed money from gov grant to help females.

Never trust math, science, or Engineering to a dickless wonder.

Remember all the group photos of the bridge designer teams and the builder teams : FEMINIST PROPAGANDA!

They bragged that they "think differently" than the male engineers.

There is a reason almost no "CIS woman" out of 1594 chess grandmasters !!!


In recent years the total lack of female chess grandmasters created a SJW push to put some alleged females in the ranks.

As of 2017, no woman has ever been the world champion, and only seven so called "women" are currently among the top 500 players.

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Political correctness is treasonous to STEM. For the sake of humanity we need to 'correct' this erroneous thinking.

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Before the accident the company went out of their way to advertise how they hired women and advertise how many women engineers they had and how a woman was overseeing this project etc.

After the accident they scrubbed all that info and the media never mentions it because it wouldn't be good for the narrative.

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Top to bottom.

Tippy top : Linda Figg, the daughter of Figg founder now runs FIGG, and she partnered with multiple feminist laden groups in this fiasco. Yes they erase the truth out of history.

But yes , the bitches crabbed at Munilla Construction Management (MCM) how they thought different from male engineers

and of course the FU female teams.

It was the first fully feminist bridge. It lasted 0 months.

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To be honest, their "form over function" bridge is boring as hell.

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The interesting thing is, to a man: the working regular bridge is a beautiful thing— to those who have the neurons to appreciate the amount of calculations, sweat, and care that went in to putting something like that together. Others have noted the old Roman bridges. Absolutely mundane, by today's standards. But goddamnit if there isn't beauty to be beheld, there.

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You sure it wasn't the slut-vibrator-beautyfull-at-any-size walk?

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Funny thing is, it was designed by men it just that it was incompletely assembled and in the wrong order no less.

Can't find the article now but from what I remember, there were other bridges of that same build elsewhere that have no issues because men where in charge building the fucking thing soup to nuts

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So typical of a women to design a bridge for aesthetics over stability.

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Their pants have fake pockets so why wouldn't their bridges have fake cables?

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feminist bridge - all aesthetics, little concern for structure. combined with lots of fed-gov money...

bridge fails - kills people...

I'm not surprised.

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Happened in Norway several times too, affirmative action works guys please believe it.

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And so a design defect led to the death of a worker. Engineer is guilty of 2nd degree murder. Put her away

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It would be impossible to prove murder, but there is enough rock-solid evidence to get a conviction for 6 counts of manslaughter.

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No, murder is already proven. As a licensed (I presume she's licensed) engineer, if your design kills someone, you are guilty of murder.

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And five members of the general public.

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More importantly though! Be sure the engineers have tits! That is paramount

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Feminism was the flaw.

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Always is, always is.

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If the FIU team relied just on Pate's word, and not a thorough analysis, that was a serious error, Howell said.

Like fucking clockwork, more of the same bullshit:" Who can we blame except the builders on this project". Had this bridge collapsed by a male team, you can bet your ass they would have been hamered. But so we can save the delicate feelings of the minoritiies, let's blame EVERYONE else for not babying them even more.

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That thing is mesmerizing

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