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State before Family, in every socialist utopia. Your own children are narcs and informants for (((The Party))).
Does mommy and daddy own a gun? Does mommy and daddy say the wrong things at home?

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A professional school counselor had a formal interview with the kid. So there's a contact note describing it and it's in the child's permanent record.

Though bordering on child abuse, that ten year old just got an education most don't see until they're adults.

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What’s all in a permanent record.

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It reminds one of the book 1984. The worrying thing is the school is doing this, not specifically the state. That's the twist we have these days, that the gov is working through other corporations and institutions to do all that shit in the book.

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Next they'll be handing out little red books and asking children to inform on their parents.

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Meanwhile my home schooled third grader keeps his rifle in his room.

If he was in public school, I'd be tempted to call the police and the school any time someone talked about a tool of any kind.

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British Police: "Oi! Mate! Why you think your kid needs a METAL ruler? Officer Stewart, get the cuffs!"

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You’re right. An enterprising lad could easily use one as a knife.

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Nosey miserable little bitch whines to big bitch mommy and then the school gets involved. Yup, it's that simple.

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A man running that school, or a real man in the old days, would've laughed and hung up. Or asked her to put her husband on.

Schools should offer shooting electives. Instead they act like simply breathing the word "gun" is a safety issue. It's indoctrination.

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just a reminder as to why they want rifles banned so much.

when the police start knocking doors looking for contraband, your neighbors can easily take a pig out from a couple hundred yards.

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Pig? You mean the RWDS coming for you lamp shade.

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And they wonder why parents would ever home school their kids? Stupid fucking Democrats

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Public schools are nigger storage. Homeschool your kids.

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Damn that's brutal troof.

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Principal Falicia Green, who was “understandably concerned” that students would be talking about firearms.

Um, what? The 'pushback' here should cause her to move out of state and go into hiding, IMO.

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