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Croatia, a 100% native team from a country of only 4 million people, nearly won the tournament and put up a strong showing in the final against France, a country of 67 million people, who still needed to import niggers to play for them. The statement is still that nationalism wins, globalism and immigration are shit.

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It will be presented as multikulti is good, so we can win pointless games.

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That would be immigrationism. Immigration is only when it's needed.

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They are used to running to and from shit.

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This picture in r/Europe says it all: https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/comments/8z478x/charlie_hebdo_tomorrow/

I've always said that team with more negroes, will always win. You can't beat the evolution. No other race can compete against blacks when it comes to running.

So there will be European Football Championship in two years' time. We should really enforce dna tests and disqualify teams who are below 51% European.

There's no way pathetic France could win this without groids who got 2-3 yellow cards. Every true European rooted for Croatia. France is a multicultural, globalist pimp of the EU promoting mongrelization of Europe.

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A link to a reddit post? Please no...

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It's good though. Originally, it was white, but someone requested it should be black. There's no doubt the anti-white forces will use to spew nonsense how diversity is our strength. Because it's worth it to turn your country into a groid and muslim state just to win some sporting event. Foolish France.