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Fake news, Guns are banned i the UK, so, of course, there's no way for criminals to have them.

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Surely they had a 'No Guns!' sign up at the station? Rest assured, they will put one up after this attack. I feel better just thinking about the sign going up.

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I was gonna guess that terrorist faction that likes to mask themselves, ....whatsitcalledagain? | oh yah. Antifa

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UK clearly needs more gun control.

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Yeah I mean what the fuck they only hit one person in a busy metro?

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They probably emptied the magazine into the ceiling because of the recoil.

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A staged event to make it too dangerous for the Tommy Robinson event to go ahead tomorrow? They've already denied Wilders entry into the UK. He pre recorded a speech and now they're saying no big screen allowed.

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But guns are heavily regulated in the UK. How did this happen? Didn't these criminals know the law?

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So masked gunmen chased this man into the metro, shot him in the leg and then just left. No one else gets shot and they didnt even kill the one they were chasing. Brits cant do anything right.

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Probably a false flag

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This has to be bullshit, the whole of the UK is a gun free zone. Right?

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One hurt

Who trained these gunmen?

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If they are sand niggers they think god will make the bullet hit their target so they don't bother learning to aim.

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The European way of life.

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Muzzies Have to Muzz

Or is the race lottery a negroid from African descent..

or "Why not Both" ?

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