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lol The white genocide in south africa was exposed long before this nigger dick squatter ever talked about it. Remember, she was laughing about "muh white genocide" just a couple of years ago.

She is a shekel farmer and if you think she gives two shits about whites then you are delusional.

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Shekel farmer is now a new phrase in my stable

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[–] Atomized_Individual [S] 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago 

She was bluepilled, like most people 2 years ago.

You do nothing but shitpost, incel.

You're worthless.

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uh oh. One of Lauren Simonsen's beta cuck givers is mad. Did you know she buys all of those nogs she fucks stuff with the money you donate to her?? hahahahahaha holy shit. I bet her huge gaping pussy looks like a destroyed roast beef sammich that was hit by a nigger in a chicken truck